How To Buy And Sell Cars By Changing The Oil


   Hey! What’s going on! I’m rolling in the pimped out Honda Odyssey Minivan.  The Mommy van!  That’s what happens when you have kids and you take kids to school in the morning. But anyway, I wanted to share with you a story, something that just recently happened.  Pretty neat.  But things like this … Read more

How To Buy & Sell Cars For Profits – Negotiation Tactics 101


How To Buy And Sell Cars – Negotiation Tactics & Low Balling Offers.

Let’s get right in to the meat of this topic.

Many people ask… “Tony, what is a low ball offer? And how much lower should I offer on a specific deal?

At times a low ball can be an insult, and at other times… the right thing to do may be to just to make a LOW BALL OFFER!

A story: Once I was selling a vehicle for $2,500.00 a girl called over the phone and without even looking at the car she goes and offers me $1,000 for it. Then I say… how can you make me an offer for $1,000 and you haven’t even looked at the car yet?

How To Buy And Sell Cars Part-Time While Profiting Big! Testimonial


How To Buy And Sell Cars Part-Time While Profiting Big-Time Testimonial

In this post I want to share another real testimonial that I just got from one of my F1 Auto Cash Formula VIP members.

His name is Tim and he’s from Texas. Tim just joined us a few short weeks ago and is now flipping cars for profit. He found his market in trucks. This goes to show you that the F1 auto cash formula how to buy and sell cars course WORKS.