How To Buy And Sell Cars Part-Time While Profiting Big! Testimonial

How To Buy And Sell Cars Part-Time While Profiting Big-Time Testimonial

In this post I want to share another real testimonial that I just got from one of my F1 Auto Cash Formula VIP members.

His name is Tim and he’s from Texas. Tim just joined us a few short weeks ago and is now flipping cars for profit. He found his market in trucks. This goes to show you that the F1 auto cash formula how to buy and sell cars course WORKS.

I’ve been getting success stories one after another. The course covers how to get set up fast without a dealers license and starting from home on a budget. We also cover how to sell cars with a dealers license and how to go about getting one in your local state or country.

The reason why I like to touch hard on starting from home is… most people really underestimate the phrase “How To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit” You need to dig deeper into those words and really ask yourself “do I really know how to BUY cars?

Do I know how to get good deals, do I know how to NEGOTIATE good deals? Do I know how to make a good deal? and also on the flip side to that coin…

You need to ask yourself…Do I know how to SELL”

I mean really sell… can you sell the car? Sell and make money, Sell by creating a WIN WIN situation. Do you know how and where to find and target hungry car seekers with cash in hand ready to buy your deal without jerking you around.

I will say this. 70% of callers who say the’ll call you back won’t. Out of those 30% who do call you back only half of those will show up to look at your car.

Do you know how NOT to waist your time and actually get a deal closed on the first viewer who comes to see it?

I do. and I spill my guts to you on all of these statistics to you within the F1 Auto Cash Formula Course. Anyway enough of my rant…. ahahahaha

Here is a REAL screenshot of Tim and his success. Are you next?

Check out the real FB comment below…

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Tim and the F1 Auto Cash Formula Testimonial



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