Car Flippers Joy FINDING PROFITABLE DEALS On Craigslist! 🥳

Hey, it’s Tony and I’m back with another car flipping video! Today’s video is all about Car Flippers Joy FINDING PROFITABLE DEALS On Craigslist!

I missed doing car flipping videos guys and I’m sorry about that. I’ve just been very busy travelling and doing business. It’s crazy!  

But, I’m back and I hope all of you are doing well. I’m in Dallas and hanging out now at my main headquarters. 

Check what I found! 2009 Smart Car at 85K miles. What do you think? Should I buy this car and do some crazy paint job on it? 

Let’s check out the Blue Book and see the car value of this. This is pretty easy and the Blue Book is really great to see the value of a car you’re interested in. 

The Blue Book just gives you an idea of the car’s value. I know that trucks in Hawaii are always way above Kelly Blue Book’s value as well as Asian cars. 

I’m actually looking for a 2nd gen Mazda Miata. Continue watching the video as I check out the Kelly Blue Book against the cars that I am interested in Craigslist.

The owner of this 2009 Smart Car is asking for $3900 and I’m sure these guys will go at around $2500 cash. Let’s go ahead and send this guy a text message. This can potentially be flip. 

I sent the owner a text message asking if the car needs anything since most of the details are on the ad. 

I will scoop it at $2500-$2700 and do a mini-project out of this. Maybe plasti-dip the wheels and maybe candy the blue color and make it pop. 

It’s a cute little car. The mileage is okay at 85k. It is a bit high but keep in mind that he’s in texas so this is highway mileage. 

I really like browsing on Craigslist when I think of car flipping. You can make a lot of money when you’re niched because you know the car, the make and model. It’s also great to specialize on a specific car. 

You can focus on just sports cars or classics. It really depends on your preference. 

Check out this 1972 C10 Truck. This one can be flipped on eBay. This is pretty cool. He’s selling it as a project truck, which is not bad for $12500, however I think he’ll take $10000 for it. 

It’s the #BossPainter Tony B. Richie! I hope you missed me! LOL! Thanks for joining me again on today’s video entitled Car Flippers Joy FINDING PROFITABLE DEALS On Craigslist!

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This is what I like to do on my downtime. I love cars and I like checking out cars on Craiglist for a potential flip. It’s a great way to earn extra income at the comfort of your own home. 

Talk soon! Cheers!

Tony B. Richie

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