SECRETS To Flipping Cars (The Ultimate Side Hustle!)

Hey, it’s Tony from F1 AutoCashFormula – How To Buy And Sell Your Cars. Today’s topic is SECRETS To Flipping Cars (The Ultimate Side Hustle!)

I’ve been getting this question from a lot of people, “What keeps me motivated and pumped up in buying and selling cars?”

I don’t think it’s just buying and selling cars, but you need to be pumped up about LIFE and be positive about life in general, your daily grind and in everything you do.

You have to wake up with a purpose. You need to have a goal, you need to find your WHY. The stronger your WHY is, the more you are going to work towards that.

I have recently flipped a Dodge Viper and made $9000 on it. I am also in the process of flipping the Lambo that I have and looking into making a profit of $15000-$20000 on it.

Specifically in buying and selling cars, finding deals is what excites me. You always hear me say, the money is made on the buy and not on the sale.

When secure yourself a good deal, you’re definitely going to make money from it. So, you need to really learn how to find deals.

If you are not pumped up and motivated to find these deals, you need to take a step back, and re-think. Why are you really doing this? Is this something that you really want to do?

In everything that you do, if you hate the work that you do, you will never succeed. This is not just about flipping cars, it’s life in general.

This is very important. Figure out the reason why you are doing something that you do.

I remember when I was about 11 years old and I was in a hobby shop with my old man. This was the time when GoPeds are starting to be a craze. I wanted one and it was less than $1000. But my dad didn’t buy me one. I guess we didn’t have enough money at that time.

I also wanted a dirt bike but I didn’t have the cash to buy it and my dad wasn’t able to buy me one too.

This was my motivation and what kept me going. I wanted things that my parents couldn’t afford at that time.

This is what keeps me going now. I want to provide for my family. I have two daughters and a beautiful wife. My wife has never worked because I am able to support them.

I want to strive to be better and keep on going for me and my family. I am not just talking about just the financial aspect of life. You need to strive to be a better person.

We all have issues in life and everyone undergoes challenges in life. I cry sometimes and that’s normal. But, it’s how you take that situation and make it positive. How do you deal and overcome these challenges?

This is Tony from F1 AutoCashformula – How To Buy And Sell Your Cars. Thank you everyone for joining me today.

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