Flipping cars for profit awesome side job hustle

Today’s blog is all entitled Flipping cars for profit awesome side job hustle.

I’m currently bringing my daughter to school and she will be bringing eggs since we have a lot, so she’ll be giving some away to her teachers and friends.

If you have any main questions about flipping cars for profit, go ahead and type in the chat.

Question: The grey area stuff, which is Craiglist is taxing right now, I can’t find a good deal. [4:56]

You just need to stay persistent. It’s all about being consistent in checking. There will be times that you won’t find any. But that should not put you down. Keep going and keep looking.

Sometimes you just need to wait for the right wave. Just because you can’t find one now, that doesn’t mean you won’t find any.

Feedback: It takes me 40 hours just to find the right deal. [9:13]

That’s ridiculous. I never spend that much time finding a deal. What city and state are you in? I just spend about 5 hours before finding a deal.

You must be doing something wrong. It shouldn’t take you more than 5 hours to find a deal. You can line up a few cars a day to look at. So I think there must something wrong with what you are doing.

For those of you who would like to learn more about finding the right deals, download your FREE Report, get started and flip cars the right way.

This is the auction car that I got. It is very inexpensive at $900. I’m parting it out and selling it on eBay. I needed some parts to work on, then the rest will be sold on eBay.

Here’s an almost new Borla exhaust system which is from this car. These things sell about $400-$800. That is a score for me! I will throw it on my Miata.

This is another way to have more profit. You can buy a part car, part it out and sell the good ones on eBay.

I will soon do a series on selling parts in the F1 AutoCashFormula VIP Course soon. For those of you who are interested in VIP, go check it out now.

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