$3,000 in Profit by Flipping This Car on EBay

I wanted to let you know that I am feeling good today because I just made $3,000 in Profit by Flipping This Car on EBay.

I flipped this car and had the whole process documented so you can copy the strategies. Originally, I wanted to keep this BMW and sit on it for a while until it hit the 20-year classic. But, then I decided to just get rid of it to have more space in my shop and move on to other projects.

Here’s the kicker. I could have sold it last month for $17,500. I was asking for $18,500, so I just decided to keep it for a little while longer. I’m not in a rush to sell it anyway.

Then, I put it on EBay again after a couple of weeks and I had a bid for $14,000. I waited another week and put it up again. I set my reserve to $16,500 this time.

My point here is, I lost $1000 for selling it this month when I could have sold it last month for $17,500. I held out and thought I could get more, but I lost $1000. Sometimes, you’ll get to a point where you regret a decision you have made. But, the good thing here is I still made $3000 in profit on this flip.

I sold this on EBay, you can check it out on EBay if you like. My buyer already deposited $1000 through Paypal because that was the condition. If you win the bid, you need to pay $1000 deposit.

He will call me today to send me the rest of the money. It can be a wire transfer, certified cheque or cash payment, which I prefer. We will still be working out the details of the payment but cash would be best.

I also told him that I scraped a small area of the bumper. Check out the video as I show this to you. But, I told him that I will fix it.

What I would do is get some extra paint and a paintbrush and just dab it so it doesn’t look so bad. I also have a couple of rock chips which I might just throw a couple of red on it as well.

I’m not going to tell him that I have a can of paint because he might ask a lot of questions about it. So, let’s go ahead with it. Watch the video.

Remember, when selling cars, the first impression is the last impression. You need to make it look as good as possible. It’s already washed, cleaned and detailed.

You will need to put a couple of coats so it doesn’t look too bad. Let it dry then hit it again. Let’s go ahead and do the small chips as well.

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