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If you have any questions regarding the How To Buy & Sell Cars for Profit VIP program and are still unsure if it is right for you, your question can be submitted to my support team at the support help center listed above.

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12 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. I found a Ford F 100 body sidestep 1961 for 12 thou its very very close to show case quality.

    From my research online I could easily sell it for over 20,000 dollars.

    I am new to this and have not even completed the course so I wanted your advice on this.

  2. Tony I just bought your F1 course. I’m looking on craigs list I have my KBB book march 1917 edition. I see so many very nice looking cars on here that are priced way below trade in good value. Is this normal or am I looking at my book wrong??

  3. Hi Tony, its been some time since login into the member site but have ran into roadblock! The site says been locked! So, I come here to login & nothing goes! I have the username & pass stored in my iPhone & Mac, so I know its correct. The username is an old email address that I don’t use anymore but still should be able to login. Whats going on?! Thanks, Chris


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