How You LOSE Money Flipping Cars for Profit!

Hey, it’s Tony from F1 AutoCashFormula. Today’s topic is all about How You LOSE Money Flipping Cars for Profit!

I want to tell you what not to do when you’re flipping cars and posting ads. Somebody wants to trade me a motorcycle for one of my cars that are in stock.

The guy wants to trade me his bike for my truck. He is willing to give me his 2014 Yamaha Stryker plus $2000 cash for my Chevy Truck.

I am doing some research right now on Yamaha Strykers. I found this ad and take a look at it. He’s basically showing this and how he hacked up his motorcycle. I would think this is 2013-2014. I doubt anyone would buy his motorcycle.

You can see that he has a bike shop and the bike doesn’t look that great. He tried to do a bobber style on his bike. He just hung this one on the fence with a nail and sprayed it.

Check out his work table. He has a fishing knife and some tools. Looks like it’s hacked up in a garage. You don’t want to show this if you’re trying to sell something.

Take a look at this picture where he’s using his kid’s blanket to probably cover some overspray. Look at this part of the bike where it’s not even cut nicely. Maybe he wants it to look that way, but still you want to advertise it as a custom bike.

You want to advertise it as a custom bike and not like you’ve just hacked it up under a tree like this picture here.

This ad looks very bad. This guy is going to have a hard time selling this. I see people do this with cars as well. This is something that you do not want to do in your ads.

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