The F1 Formula – How To Buy And Sell Cars For Fast Profits!


My name is Tony Bandalos and I have been buying and selling cars from the ripe age of 15 or so…

It all started with selling 50cc mopeds for profits, then as time went on I started to sell motorcycles and then to cars. When it comes to making money selling things, I think I do pretty damn well.

Over the years I have bought and sold many cars for profits. Some cars I bought at auctions in my early days were $35 deals! Yeah no joke, I have bought many cars at auctions for under a hundred bucks and quickly resold them for thousands. Well, under the $1,500 price tag range.

Still not to shabby for a $100 deal right?

I Want To Show You How…

Through the years of buying and selling cars for profits I have learned a TON of real world knowledge about the game and not just sales stuff but more like…

How to properly buy the right cars that sell (not all cars sell FAST!) we want you to focus on the ones that sell quickly.

-How to buy using the PME tactic so you NEVER lose money. (you’ll actually be making money from your first car flip).

Know how to properly inspect them (so you don’t end up with a lemmon) I’m sure you know what I mean.

-Savvy negotiating tactics that get you stealing deals left and right.

The right things to do to a car once you get a deal and sell it for MAXIMUM profits.

-How to properly position your adds that gets HUNGRY BUYERS calling you NON STOP!

Without all of the bs… This site will teach you how to make a whole lotta money buying and selling used cars for profits.

If you need an extra $1,000 a month, $2,000 whatever. You decide how much you want to make.

Here’s the catch:

You need no dealers license, No big capital, No automotive education, No special skills, No Huge warehouse or funky car lots either.

All you really need is a few bucks to invest in yourself, follow the dead simple instructions that I cover in the F1 Course and the money will come rolling in one car at a time.

Yes there are a few GOOFY guys selling information on how to buy and sell cars for profits on the internet.

I see them floating around… And honestly, for $39 – $47. what the hell do you expect to get?

Yes, this system does cost more, buy you get what you pay for.

If you are SERIOUS about making some REAL MONEY buying and selling cars then it’s time you make that decision.

Did you read the Bikini Report?


To You in profits!



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