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  • “Tony!, I finally sold my first car using some of your tactics and I made $800 which is not bad, i will be buying another car soon, hopefully it will bring in more income than the first car, thanks for your help! Love the course!
  • Great emails Tony ! More Videos I love them! Im on flip #15 on my first year of doing this and since the begining of this year when I started this with  $1000, I have put well over 20K in my bank account, a lot of thanks to you for doing this, means a lot and appreciate all the email updates and new videos, cheers brother!
  • Tony’s F1 Auto Cash Formula course helped me figure out what I need to do to flip cars fast. This will show you how to get started.  I fully recommend this course. The auto body and paint course is an excellent way to learn from the ground up the steps required to prepare a car. It is an eye opener. Thanks Tony.
    – Deen I.
  • Hi Tony,
    I ordered your course 2 weeks ago and i love it. I went thru the videos in 2 days and I’m ready for the next steps. I’m finding deals but I’m hesitant to proceed because i like the information from your other 6 weeks. I I’m mechanically inclined and have been considering selling cars for a while. Thanks for this HARDCORE money making information!!!
  • Hey Tony; your course is great man! I get on it like 4 hours a day and watch your videos over and over.
  • Hey Tony; how you doin? So check it out, i just recently bought my second car and it just needs a few simple fixer uppers ex. (o2 censors, v/c gaskets) and it will be like $600 to get evrything done. Anyways so heres the good news, I drove two hours to look at the car, when I got there the guy was asking $2900. I looked over the car just how you teach and asked him what would be the lowest he would go after I pointed out several problems, he said he wanted to stay above $2000. I offered him $2300 and we shook hands!I think this was a really good deal Tony. The car is a 2002 VW Passat GLS. When im done giving it a detail I think im going to try and flip it for like $4200 obo.
  • Tony, Thanks for your timely response.  I would like to extend my comments on both the course and website.  You did an excellent job putting together an excellent, comprehensive course which provides the beginner “flipper” substantial knowledge to be successful.  And like you preach, “you gotta take action” to make any serious money at this.  Wish I had the course when I first started in the business.
    -Mike C.  Ohio
  • Whats up Tony, I got the course man! Just wanted to say thanks, and I look foward to the following weeks to come. I’m already on chapter 7 and learning TONS!
    Thanks, Jonathan.
  • Tony, I have gone through much of your book and I really like what I see. I am not just talking about the car buying program. I have looked at everything you have done here to decide if there is anything I could learn from a ‘young fella’ like you. You pass my inspection at every level with flying colors. I’m going to run for the job of ‘president’ of your fan club. You did change my mind about advertising OBO. Formally, I liked to try and hold my price but now I agree with your take on it. Buying cars is where I need your help most. I love what I have read so far. Your use of Kellys Blue Book for choosing price opinions is far better that how I was doing it. I was using ‘completed sales’ prices from ebay. I paid too much for the cars I have now but I will just have to try and get my money back on them and move over to your system to buy smarter. What my current dream is to get some experience at the auction, then use craigslist to capture cars and sell them at the auction. Finding buyers on craigslist can be a pain. There seem to be so many flakes on craigslist when you advertise. I am glad to see that you know enough to set aside time to be with family and friends. Love your family. Family is important. No man can be happy and successful without balance and boundaries. The evil ‘B’ words.ha ha Chow for now,
    Mr. Fabulous, Teflon “The only thing that sticks are the deals

  • Hey Tony, Thanks so much, I just watched the video, that is great. Simple solutions, knowledge is power. Indeed. I am 27, have Masters in pharmacy and Bachelors in business. Five months ago, I quit my highly paid job as a business manager for a pharmaceutical company here in DC ( I live in Maryland) to start my own two business. That 9-5 thing (actually becomes 9-9 thing) just did not work for me   🙂   I have a business consulting practice and a personal training business, both doing well. As someone who charges a decent amount per hour due to what I know (that is what we sell right?) – I can appreciate and respect other people’s knowledge. So I believe in paying people who are good at what they do. My point is: I am looking to learn as much as possible from this course and make a good business out of it. I could learn all that myself, yes, but it would probably take years and zillion errors and money loses. Or I can buy the program from someone who has done it and learned all the tricks, and learn majority of it and right away. I am positive that what you know is worth at least 10 times more than the cost of the course, but it is all about volume. If 1000 people buy your program, you get a decent chunk of money, that you deserve by all means. That way everybody wins. So I am more than happy to go for the full F1 program Btw, the info you provided in that video in your last email was worth more to me than $200. Thank you for the answers!

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