Car Flipping for Profit: Specialize in Selling Cars For Profit By Make and Model

Today, let’s talk about how to specialize in selling cars for profit by make and model.

I just want to share the benefits of niching down to a specific car make and model.

If you’re looking into buying and selling cars for profit or you’re already doing it but you’re working with different cars like American cars, classic cars and other different types, that’s cool.  I do that too.

But, it’s better to actually niche down to a specific make such as Mazdas, Toyotas or maybe Hondas.  Once you start working with a specific make and model, you’ll know more about it.  You’ll instantly know the best deals just by looking at the prices.

And, if you’re doing DIY auto body work, you’ll acquire parts.  You’ll have an extra alternator, bolts and nuts or other pieces of a car that you can put on other cars.

So, I also recommend you learn basic mechanics.  You don’t have to go to school to change an alternator or change a battery.  You can just learn off of YouTube.  It’s pretty easy.

You’ll profit more if you flip the cars yourself instead of paying money for a mechanic.

I didn’t want to reveal this, but I buy and sell a lot of Mazda Miatas.  I know the car really well and know good deals instantly when I see them.  I know a lot of the older Miatas are starting to become collectibles.

I recently picked up a couple of it and sold them on eBay for thousands of dollars in profit.  I recently sold a ’69 Chevy to a guy in Russia.  He paid me over ten thousand dollars for that car.

When you sell cars on eBay, you only show the cars through pictures or videos, if you have any.  They don’t take a look at the car personally.  Most of the time, they make bids or buy right off of eBay, which is pretty crazy.

So, this is just a quick tip.  It’s more beneficial to niche down to a specific make or model.  It will make things easier for you.

It’s okay to go all-around as well, if you spot a deal.  That’s the overall idea of what I do in buying and selling cars for profit.  But, I will scout specific deals at least once a week.

I would scout for a good deal on a Mazda Miata every once in a while.  I grab a good deal if I find one because I know what they’re worth, what they can sell for and how much profit I make for the car.

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It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you’re a young guy or a senior citizen wanting to add to your nest egg every month.

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