6 Best Cars To Buy And Sell For Profit

6 Best Cars To Buy And Sell For Profit

Watch the video above to learn about the BEST cars that you should start buying and selling.

In no way am I saying that American or European cars are not good as well. I am just saying that if you want to sell good quality, dependable cars at a fair price while make a great ROI, take a look at the Asian cars.

I have always made GREAT money with them and so have my students.

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17 thoughts on “6 Best Cars To Buy And Sell For Profit”

  1. hey tony i’m in guyana and i’m a high school student finishing school in 2 months time and i wanted to get into the car flipping business but i dont have a car of my own would you recommend i just look for a cheap deal in the papers and buy it and do some work to it and put it back in the papers for sale?

  2. Hi Tony,

    I recently obtained my auto wholesale license but I have a question. Can I buy from the general public? What about Public auctions? I know how to negotiate but was just wondering about that.


  3. I have paid you the full amount of the course. I was only contacted only once the 1st week and then no more. I just wonder if that is really a scam. If not, please contact me again immediately.

    Thank you!

  4. Hi Tony,
    I appreciate all your efforts and motivation. Thank you very much, God bless you and your family.

    My question is: When flipping cars, Do I have to receive cash only? or cashier checks are fine too.
    What you recommend ? I don;t show my ID when selling the car, because it is not in my name, therefore I do not accept checks (avoiding giving my name away)

    Thank you Tony

    • I would say yes cash, you can also accept certified bank checks. Why don’t you want to show your ID? You have nothing to hide if your intentions are right and you are selling a good car. I always accept certified bank checks.

  5. Tony,

    I have been in every aspect of the car business for 30 some odd years in the NW. I have curbed (flipped) cars the whole time and done very well.I have no dealer license anymore but work under a friends bond. I have found that paying a little more for a nice low mile car, truck, suv works best for me. less down time for repairs, body or paint quicker turn time.

    My mantra has always been DETAIL IT and RETAIL IT.Thanks for helping these new bees out. Avoid the heat at all costs. Don’t sell crap.

  6. Hi tony, this is Gabriel Ayala, and i am sending you this because i paid for your course how to get your dealers licensing book and was never able to down load it, please respond and let me know what happened.


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