Why Buying Cars From Auto Auctions Can Be Potentially Dangerous

In the video above I talk about why buying cars from auto auctions can be dangerous if you don’t know how to buy correctly.

Don’t worry, inspecting, negotiating and buying cars can be easily learned if you want to. It’s a skill that can make you a lot of side income if you do it properly and follow the formula. I hope you learned a LOT from the video above and I can’t wait to make you more.

Please leave your questions and comments below. I’ll get to them in a hurry.

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5 thoughts on “Why Buying Cars From Auto Auctions Can Be Potentially Dangerous”

  1. Thanks Tony,

    For your videos you answer my question about buying cars from the auction, I was planining on going to the auction sometime this month at a car auction, wasn’t quite sure if this was the right place to buy first or start from looking on craiglist, with the fees at the auction and a down payment of 200.00 things just seen to get pricey for me.

  2. already purchased $200 membership fees and attended a few auctions and won a bid then i found out the buyer fees and the seller wanted to negotiate a price halfway between his or her price and my winning bid price. was wondering if really worth it or maybe i should try at a police auction in which i hear cars are going for $250 to $1000.


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