How to Set Income Goals When Buying And Selling Cars for Profit

Today, I will share with you an email I received from a VIP.  This video talks about how to set income goals when buying and selling cars for profit.

I got an email from John, a VIP member since 2009.  It’s a long email so I’ll just share with you some of what he wrote:


I haven’t talked to you in a long time.  Back in 2009, I started watching your videos then purchased your F1 AutoCashFormula course and started flipping cars.

I’ve flipped around fifty cars since then and have never lost money on a flip.  Usually, profiting around five hundred to one thousand five hundred dollars per flip.

Anyways, my question is how can I improve my flipping business?  How many hours a week do you normally spend doing this and what can I do to get better?

I’m asking this because normally I spend around three hours a week looking for deals… I don’t live in a big city.  My town consists of only thirty thousand people. The nearest city to me is Spokane, WA which is two hours away.

I have to make that drive every time I buy something because there’s not many cars for sale in my area and everyone asks for top dollars around here.

I’ve also taught myself how to do body work.  Here’s the problem that I’m having, I can be lazy sometimes. When I should be looking for deals, instead I go to the river and lay around. Like I said, sometimes I sit on a car for two or three weeks.  I’m sure this is way too long, right?

I’ve found Hondas and Toyotas sell the fastest around here as well as 4×4 trucks, since I’m in the country.

I only sell around two to three cars a month, making a total profit of only one thousand five hundred to two thousand dollars a month, sometimes which can get you by around here but that’s about it.

I know I can flip more cars and make more money but I get lazy.  I need help getting my butt in gear and stop being lazy.

I want to be able to make four to five thousand dollars a month, I’m sure I could. I know how to do this.  I know how to make money.   The last few cars, I made around two thousand dollars profit.

Now, I’m sitting on a Dodge Dakota that I only paid five hundred dollars for.  It should sell for around three thousand five hundred dollars.

But even if my flips are bringing in more money, that doesn’t mean I should only flip one or two cars a month.  But, I get this attitude of, I’d rather be fishing.  Lol!

Then, I make the mistake of going to our local casino.  I get addicted and lose all my profits gambling.  I lost ten thousand dollars in savings last year and it makes me so mad.  I banned myself.

So, basically I went broke and had no money, except for this Dodge I’m currently sitting on.

It gets worse.  I felt like I needed a job and I got one at a local assembly plant. I work three to twelve hour shifts.  It sucks.  I hate working for other people and they expect you to move so fast that it stresses me out.

It’s boring and I want to quit.  I only make fourteen dollars an hour too.  I’ve been there for two weeks now.  I’m sure I’ll get benefits.  But, I already have free medical from the military.

What can I do to improve myself?  I feel like I already know the answers but just need the motivation.

Thank you John for your email.  Now, let’s talk about two things:  Setting income goals and trying to profit more per car and double your income.

It looks like you have been able to make money in buying and selling cars for profit.  You made two thousand dollars on your last car flip.

Instead of just usually profiting five hundred to fifteen hundred dollars per flip, try to profit more.  Set goals for yourself and aim to increase your profit per car flip.

Stop getting lazy and be ambitious.  People have ambition because they have a deep reason why they are doing it.

You need to have a reason why you want to make money or else it’s not going to be important to you and you won’t do it.

If you have a kid, you’ll want to give him a better education and to consistently save money for his college fund.

You need to sit by the river one day and figure it out.  If you don’t get things done now and don’t start saving up, I’m not going to be as healthy and as fit to flip cars twenty years from now.

You can also look at it at a retirement perspective.  If you’re going to make two thousand dollars a month and add it to a fund that you’re not going to touch, you’ll have over a hundred thousand dollars in savings in a year.

Then, you’ll have money to fall back on in case something happens, or you can have that money invested to make more money.

You have to be ambitious, set goals for yourself and break previous records.  That’s what I did when I started out.  In a couple of months, I was already getting ten thousand dollars a month flipping five to seven cars.

That’s a lot of profit and that’s not hard to do if you start acting on it.  You’re doing pretty well in buying and selling cars for profit.  You’re actually doing better than the average American doing minimum wage.

You need to start today.  Work on your personal habits and change for the better.  I know you can easily double your income and even triple it.

Think of the results and what that can give you.  If you triple your income and start saving, you can move into a better home, get you a better ride, or maybe you can start investing in other businesses and even try flipping houses and make fifty thousand dollars per flip.

Successful people always look for better ways to improve.  So, do it now.

I hope you enjoyed this video review.  Thank you for your question.  Other people can benefit a lot from this too.

This question came in from my VIP who started taking the course with me when I started in 2009.  He’s one of my success stories.

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