Why My Godfather Packed a Gun When Selling a Used Car at 1AM

In this video, I’ll share with you a story why my godfather packed a gun when selling a used car at 1AM.

I get this question once in a while, “Tony, where do you sell your cars?  What do you do?  Do you meet people at their house?”

Although, I don’t get asked about this a lot, I think this is important.  It can be dangerous to have people at your house and look at your car.

Although, the title will have all of your information anyway, but I recommend to meet people near your house such as shopping centers or a place where there’s more activity.

Here’s a true story.  About a year ago, my godfather, who was seventy-five years old and lives in Texas was selling a Volvo and had it on Craigslist.

He got a call about 10pm and a guy wanted to buy the car and set a time at around 1am.  My godfather asked him if he could wait until tomorrow but they guy said he needed the car now.  So, my godfather agreed to meet him up.

And this was when I wasn’t living there so he didn’t have anybody to go with him at that time.  He went with his wife who was also seventy-five years old.

They met at a shopping center lot.  The buyer was with another guy and said that it was for his wife and that their car broke down.

In Texas, you are allowed to carry a gun if you have a license.  So, my godfather warned the two guys that he has a pistol and to not try anything funny.

They closed the deal there.  He didn’t allow anybody to come to his house to take a look at the car.

It’s a different story if you know the person or if he seems like a family guy.  I’ve closed many deals wherein I’ve asked them to drop me home instead of having my wife or friend to pick me up.

And of course, you don’t want to sell cars that have problems.  Never sell cars that you’ve spruced up for the time-being but you know something will go wrong with it in a couple of days after you sell it.

Create win-win situations so you’ll avoid your buyer going back to you complaining about the car you sold.  You will never have to worry about past deals and you’ll put yourself at ease.

So, again I recommend meeting people at other places first.  Then, if you feel that the person is cool and someone you can trust, then you can ask them to drop you off at your house after closing the deal.

Or, if you’ve met the person before and set up another day to close the deal, you can have him come over to your house, if you think he can be trusted.

It also depends on the kind of neighborhood you have.  If you’re in a rough neighborhood, you might want to choose only a few to come over to your house.

Take these tips and use them because they are very important.  You want to keep your family and house safe.  These are just precautionary measures.

It’s Tony from HowToBuyAndSellYourCars.  I hope you enjoyed the video.  If this is your first time watching my video, please Like, Share and Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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