Avoid This Huge Car Flipping Mistake (When Buying And Selling Cars For Profit On Craigslist)

This video is entitled Avoid This Huge Car Flipping Mistake (When Buying And Selling Cars For Profit On Craigslist).

I want to talk about the huge mistake that I made myself on Craigslist. The huge mistake I did is not jumping on a deal as soon as I can.

I was looking at a 2009 car which was owned by an awesome couple. They just posted the deal and they were moving and wanted to get rid of it. The car had very low mileage of around 16,000 and they priced it at just $4000.

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I called them up as soon as I saw the deal. It was a potential flip which I can easily sell for around $6500 with the very low mileage.

I called them around 1pm my time and they offered me to come look at the car. But, I didn’t immediately come over since I had so much stuff do at home.

Normally, I would have immediately checked out the car, but during that time, I didn’t and thought that I can just look at it the following day.

Someone got to it first. I lost around $2500 in profit because I didn’t come look at it immediately. I could have scooped the deal at $3500 to $3800. You can always negotiate with the owner.

This is part 1 of my modules in the F1 AutoCashFormula VIP Program. When you see a deal, the ball is in your court to call, negotiate and secure the deal and bring the car home.

Time is of the essence when scouting for deals. You always want to be the lookout for good deals and making sure you secure them.

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