Flipping Cars Using Craigslist – Calling Sellers and Asking Questions

Today’s topic is Flipping Cars Using Craigslist – Calling Sellers and Asking Questions.

Today, we’re going over what to ask people when you’re going over a car flip. These are quick intro questions when you’re calling about a car.

I always want to call people instead of just text them because I ask questions about the car to see if I’m interested in buying it.

I found a flipper on Craigslist. It’s not listed as a super deal, but it can be a deal and be an easy $1000 to $1500 profit if you get it at a right price.

Here’s a 2009 Corolla listed on Craigslist. Let’s give this seller a call. Check out the video as I share my screen with you and do a live call to the seller.

I hope you heard my conversation with the seller. I goofed up in the very beginning. The first thing I said was I’m calling about your Corolla. That was wrong.

What you should say at the very beginning is, “I’m calling about your car.” If the person asks which car, then you know they’re selling multiple car and he can be a potential flipper.

The next question I asked was, “Did it need anything?” Because they won’t be write it down immediately on the ad. This is a great negotiating point. I always like to ask if there are leaks, keyless entry and the best cash price.

He already went down $100 when he mentioned about the break issue, but I am positive that if you buy with cash and mention about the break issue, he would probably go down to $5000 from $5600.

He just listed it 30 minutes ago, so it’s important to make an offer immediately with cash. This will probably be an easy $1000 in profit with just a quick detail.

You can relist it for $6750 retail, asking only $6250 OBO. Then, let it go at $6000.

That’s an easy profit from flipping cars. I go over everything to you step-by-step in the F1 AutoCashFormula Course. For the F1 VIPs who want an ad critique, please send it over. All VIPs are entitled to 3 ad critiques from me.

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It’s Tony from F1 AutoCashFormula 2.0 – How To Buy And Sell Your Cars. Thank you everyone for joining me today. Please jump in again next Tuesday at 9pm Eastern. Please Like, Share and Subscribe to my videos.

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