How To Find Used Car Deals on Craigslist in Your Local Area | Flip Cars for Profit

Our topic for today is How To Find Used Car Deals on Craigslist in Your Local Area | Flip Cars for Profit.

How’s everybody going? I’m going to set up my screen now and do some Craigslist deal hunting. I hope you like to do that today.

The goal is to make sure that you find a good deal. You don’t have to be scared of doing deals. You have to let go of that fear.

I just logged into Craigslist. I know what a good deal is like just by looking. This ad over here which is $4100 for a 2001 Xterra is a little pricey. Let’s look more into this ad. It has 130,000 miles which is not bad.

You can obviously see that it needs some paint work. A little bit of rattle can, sanding it down with some 600-grit quickly. Or, just plasti-dipping the front would also look good. You can even plasti-dip all of the plastics around the truck.

Looks like the fender needs painting. A little easy body work will do for this car. Most of the buying and selling is like what others say, “Putting lipstick on a pig.” But I like to say, “Sprucing it up.”

Just because the owner listed it at $4100 that doesn’t mean he’ll sell it at that price. You will have to negotiate for a lowered price. Sometimes it’s worth calling that person up and asking for his best offer.

Once you’ve negotiated for a lowered price, you can meet up and make sure you have cash and take a look at it again. Just feel him out and point out some other work that needs to be done to the car.

If the owner is selling $4100 on it, you can easily get it at $3000. Would you agree? If he sat on it for a couple of weeks, he’d be a lot more inclined to reduce the price.

I’m not saying that this is a good deal, it’s just an example.

Now, we have a 2003 Volvo XC90 for $3500 with 147,000 miles. It looks pretty clean. I don’t know flip Volvos so I don’t know what the blue book value of this is. I tend to stay away from these cars because they have a lot of electrical issues.

Let’s check this ad out. The original owner is selling his 2000 CRV for $3555. It’s saying $4170 on Carfax. A lot of people are using Carfax now by the way.

Looks like the fender and hood needs some work. What do you guys think? I would say if you get this for $2500, you’ll probably be able to get $3800 for this quickly, if the hood and fender were fixed and painted.

You probably have a day’s work on this. Bondo up the hood, do the fenders and spray it up quickly. Do some black vinyl enhancement.

Question: Do you sell cars with payments? What’s the safest way? [18:22]

Yes, I’ve done that before. I don’t give the car unless they’re fully paid.

There were times in the past where I was selling $5000 cars. There was a guy who asked if he could give $2000 downpayment then another $2000 the following week, and then pay off the remaining balance the week after.

Here’s a 2008 HHR Chevy LT for $3900. It has 133,000 miles. This is a unique car. You’re not going to see a lot of these on Craigslist.

Next, we have a Ford Focus 2007 for $2945. It has a lot of mileage. I would offer less for it. For me, these things are crap. These have transmission problems once you hit over 150,000 miles. I’ve flipped a few of them, but I’m not so fond of these. I would offer $2200 to start with. I wouldn’t go more than $2400.

The easiest way to spot out a scam is not having a contact information and then, they come back with just an email. If I can’t talk to the person on the phone, or at least have a text dialogue, then I don’t buy the car.

It’s Tony from F1 AutoCashFormula 2.0 – How To Buy And Sell Your Cars. I hope you enjoyed today’s show, checking out Craiglist and reviewing some ads and finding deals.

We can probably do some eBay deals next time or OfferUp. Let’s see. J

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