Finding Used Cars On Craigslist (Master This Skill and NEVER Go Hungry!)

Today’s topic is Finding Used Cars On Craigslist (Master This Skill and NEVER Go Hungry!). We’re going to do something different in today’s show because we’re going to find deals and you all get to witness it.

I am going to take you step-by-step on how to find deals, what to look for and what stands out to me.

We’re going to use specifically Craiglist tonight and we’re going to flip through I usually like to have my physical Kelly Blue Book with me when I’m searching for deals as it is quicker.

I recommend that you use Craigslist if you’re just getting started with this.  It’s a great place to get your feet wet.

Don’t go crazy and immediately go to Copart, IAAI and other automotive auctions, until you learn the strategy on how to correctly buy and sell.

Watch the video as I show you my screen and search for deals on Craigslist. I like to go to “All Cars and Trucks”. I’m not looking for a specific car right now, I’m just looking for deals.  We’re just going to scan.

Here’s a ’99 Mustang with 259,000 miles. This is too much mileage for me. If this was lower at around 100,000 miles, then this price at $1850 is probably a good deal.

He’s also selling a 1986 Dodge ¾ ton van at $1850. Depending on the condition, you may be able to pick up a van like this for $1000 to $1200.

The more you do this, the more you are going to start to see deals. Learning how to scout for deals or learning how to scan, is probably the most important part of flipping cars for profit.

Now, we have a 2004 Dodge for $1500 OBO. It says here, “Great first teenager car. New tires, hoses, belts, nice JVC Bluetooth stereo, new professional window tint, almost all highway miles, Clean title.”

This is not a bad deal. The only thing that I’m not crazy about is the mileage. It’s 173,000. Let’s check KBB, then click on “Check my car’s value”. Watch how I navigate and compare the price to KBB value.

The prices on KBB are not set on stone. The reason why I recommend that you check KBB values, is because this is what the consumers are looking at as well.

Obviously this car is on KBB value. But I like to also check trade-in value. It’s priced too high on trade-in value. If he doesn’t sell this car in a week, he’s probably going to agree to sell it at around $1000.

Let’s look for an Asian deal and look for the car that I like, and stay around the $3000 to $5000 range.

Here’s a 2006 Volvo at $4450. The KBB value is around $6000. It looks pretty good, it’s not a bad deal. If you can get this for $3800 to $4000, you can resell it for $5500.  This has potential.

Let’s see another one, 1999 Land Rover Discovery with 110,000 miles. This is a pretty niched out car. It’s a nice little SUV. The cool thing about these kinds of cars is there that there are a lot of people looking for them. Once you get an interested prospect for this deal, they’re pretty serious.

He’s asking for $3600. If you can grab it at $3000, you can flip it for $4000 to $4500 without any problem.

Once you get into classics, there’s a whole new game of buying and selling cars. It’s pretty cool as well. I’ve done a good handful of high end classic cars. You can make $5000 easy on a pop.

This 2006 Nissan Altima needs a little body work on the front end. It has 190,000 miles and he’s asking for $1300. No thank you. If you can get it at $500, it may be worth it. Although, it does have high mileage. If it had lower mileage like 80K, I would jump on it.

Now we have a 2004 Tacoma. In Hawaii, people would go nuts for this type of car. They would be selling for about $8500 to $10,000.

I’m always looking for cars with low mileage because that’s what sells.  Sometimes you’re not going to find deals, sometimes you find a lot.

We have a 2005 Hyundai Elantra with 161,000 miles, and selling for $1000. It needs a grill and a front bumper cover paint. It’s not too bad.

This is something you could probably scoop up for about $500 to $600. This is how you get started, then you make profit from it and move up to bigger deals.

Now here we got a perfect LABAP classic for me. It’s a ’65 Thunderbird with original interiors, with 360 engine and everything is original. This is nice! He’s selling it for $6500, but I’ll probably offer him $4500 and see what happens.

T-birds keep the price if they are clean, all original, in good condition and low mileage.

Here’s a ’90 Corvette. This is a specialty car. It’s selling for $5500 OBO. He doesn’t have the mileage, but I would call and ask for the mileage. This is a car that you’d like to check out.

The seller also has other classics for sale. This is a potential gold mine with all the cars he has. This is somebody you would want to call and see what you’ve got.

When searching for deals, you’ll come across a deal that will just pop out. You’ll find these people who undervalue their car. If you find one, you have to call them up immediately and check out the car.

These Toyota Camrys are awesome. They’re like work horses. They’re very dependable. I guarantee you this car has a ton of life left.

If you find a Camry that is sold at about $1200 OBO, go check it out immediately and grab it. They sell like hotcakes.

We go through a lot of deals on Craigslist, so continue watching the video.

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