Flip Cars For Big Side Profits

Hey, it’s Tony with another live stream. Thank you for jumping in. Today’s topic is Flip Cars For Big Side Profits.

I’m making a web training for all of you who Flip Cars and will be covering some strategies and techniques on how to sell high end cars.

These tactics can be used on any kind of car. You can start off with $1000 to $2000 beater. It doesn’t have to be a $20000 car.

You need to remember that if you hustle, you’ll make money. You need to have a deep reason why you want to do this. Think of your motivation.

My motivation was that every time I do this and make money, I move up to driving nicer cars. So, it is important to focus on your reason and then, keep going.

You need to be out there searching for deals, learning the market and tell everyone that you’re buying and selling cars and JUST DO IT.

You can always start high. However, it is very difficult to start low and then raise your prices. I like to start high. But if you’re not getting any bites from people, then that’s the time you lower your prices.

The important thing is that you should have a price point in mind, even if you drop down your prices. So when the person negotiates with you, they’d feel that they got the car at a better deal at the same time, you got the price you wanted it for.  That’s how you play the game.

I just got a $7600 bid for my BMW on eBayI have a buy it now for $19500. If I sell it at that price, I make $5500. . I’m not selling it unless I get $18500. Otherwise, I’ll hold on to it for a couple more years. It’s a cool car. I’m not desperate to sell it.

I haven’t been to public auctions for a while. I may start going again, depending on my schedule.

Question: Do you have to be VIP to answer emails about flipping cars? [7:06]

Yes, you get priority as a VIP. I get hundreds of emails every day. As a VIP, you get three video ad critiques from me as well. Go ahead and check out the F1 AutoCashFormula VIP Course and see how it can help you get started in this business.

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It will help you learn more and take you to the next level of flipping cars for profit. It will be a 45-minute training, which will be valuable for you in this business.

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Thank you everyone again for joining me today. Remember, my live shows are every Tuesday at 9pm ET. Happy Independence day everyone!

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