The Auction Book Review – How To Buy & Sell Auction Cars for Fun and Profits!

My Andy Small’s ‘How To Buy Cars at Auctions’ Book Review:

I have to say… for the money, you can’t go wrong.

This book has a LOT of golden nuggets that will put YOU on the path to successfully buying auction cars in ANY of the US States and Not leaving out the Canadian market too. So if you’re Canadian, this book is also for you to get your feet wet.

See Exactly what you get from the How To Buy Cars From Auctions Manual.

Andy talks about the Regulations, Auction Fees, Online Bidding and Buying, Car Ratings, Conditions and Values, Bidding Tactics and he also touches on Reselling for profit.

This really is an easy read I have to say,  and a straight to the point no fluff intro and basics of the automotive auction world.

Below is a glance of what the manual covers…

Auto Auction Domination













This spectacular very affordable digital book will cover all of these aspects below plus much more on learning
how to buy cars from auctions so you can get INSANE deals!

Regulations And Fees – Discover the key auction Regulations and Fees and find out why EXACTLY you want to check the tax laws of an area auction before bidding (hint – this could save you hundreds of dollars).

The Auction Process – Get the step by step Auction Day Protocol… from Registering to Bidding Techniques all the way through Payment and Possession. You’ll understand exactly how these auctions work inside and out!

Internet Bidding – Find out how to bid over the internet and by proxy so that you don’t even have to travel to the auctions to get the cars you want (this alone could save you thousands of dollars!)

Condition And Value – Uncover my secret techniques for quickly and easily determining a car’s true value before you ever even think about placing a bid on it!

The Competition Crush – Discover my tricks for finding out who your competition is early on, and learn the tactics they might try in order to prevent you from bidding on the same car as them!

Secret Bidding Techniques – Uncover the auctioneers’ ploy for grabbing big bucks off the bat and learn my special bidding techniques that ensure the best possible outcome of any car you buy through auction!

Choice And Privilege – Discover just what this term means and why it is crucial you have done your homework if you come up against this auction scenario!

Service History Factor – Find out why a vehicle at auction with a full service history can bring significantly more profit if you intend to resell it.

Accident Disclosure – Uncover the things you need to be on the lookout for to make sure that you are not bidding on a vehicle that has been in an accident, and find out the resources that can confirm with great certainty whether a vehicle is accident free!

Reselling For Profit – Find out how to flip the cars you buy for hefty cash profit, even in States that require a dealers license and you don’t have one!

Just click the banner below to pick this ‘steel of a deal’ manual up at the introductory price of only $9.95 (Hurry, the price will be going up to $49.95 after Andy sells out on the first 150 copies of his internet special!).

How To Buy Cars At Auction Manual
How To Buy Cars At Auction Manual

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2 thoughts on “The Auction Book Review – How To Buy & Sell Auction Cars for Fun and Profits!”

  1. I thought about getting your F1 auto course Tony but what if i buy a car i cant just park it on the street unregistered without license plates because they will give me a ticket. It would not make sense for me to register a car if i am selling it is there a way around this thanks Tony in advance.

    • Awesome Juan. Most times, you want to sell the car in “up-to-date” condition. The masses will not want to buy cars that NEED WORK or back taxed etc… (through my oen experience). When you sell the car just make sure that it’s up to date meaning that the plates and safety are not expired. That’s all, it’s pretty simple and we also walk you through this within the F1 VIP Training Course.

      Be cool’



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