How To Buy & Sell Cars For Profits – Negotiation Tactics 101

How To Buy And Sell CarsNegotiation Tactics & Low Balling Offers.

Let’s get right in to the meat of this topic.

Many people ask… “Tony, what is a low ball offer? And how much lower should I offer on a specific deal?

At times a low ball can be an insult, and at other times… the right thing to do may be to just to make a LOW BALL OFFER!

A story: Once I was selling a vehicle for $2,500.00 a girl called over the phone and without even looking at the car she goes and offers me $1,000 for it. Then I say… how can you make me an offer for $1,000 and you haven’t even looked at the car yet?

Obviously this person is just playing and running numbers at you (this was an insult of an offer). I quickly replied over the phone “why don’t you start looking at $1,500 cars and below?” then… a long pause and she hung up on me.

Never take a person seriously if they start running numbers by you without looking at your vehicle. A serious person always wants to look at your car and most times about 90% of the time, they bring somt type of cash with them.

Cars that sell for $6,000 and below usually go down with cash on the spot. Anything higher… you will usually get a down payment of at least 10% and get a certified check or money order of the balance. NEVER accept a personal check!

Knocking $500-$1,000 off a deal is the norm but you need REASON to start knocking off double, tripple and even four times that amount without being trashy about it.

Just as Donald Trump says in… ” The Art of The Deal” and it’s all about negotiating. In the F1AutoCashFormula How to buy and sell cars 8 week course we cover all strategies that teach you HOW To Buy, Where To Get The Best Deals, How To Negotiate and most of all How To Sell so YOU

Can take home the profits!

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3 thoughts on “How To Buy & Sell Cars For Profits – Negotiation Tactics 101”

  1. How much is this course and what about the fact that I am in Australia? It seems like you are looking at U.S. auctions as a source of vehicles, I don’t know if your auctions are comparable with ours? A little bit interested. Cheers John

    • John, We actually habe about 40 members that are from Australia who are using the course. Here’s Michaels Testimonial on our VIP auto body course and he also mentions the buyandsellcars course.

      We cover buy and selling car strategies that you can take and apply anywhere in the world. We start with the foundation in mind so you can successfully copy the strategies in any local market.

  2. Fine, but how much is the coarse and what practical help does it offer someone in Australia with regard to sourcing good deals? Cheers John


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