How To Flip Cars for Profit – Used Car Inspection Lesson (True Story)

How To Flip Cars for Profit – Used Car Inspections


The video above will tell you the true story about my nephew who invested a little too much in a 2002 Volvo s80.

The car was not bought to resell for a profit but to keep for personal use. The car sells for $4.500.00 on average for a good condition car.

The car was bought for $3,500 cash. It needed a complete set of shocks/struts. About 1,300. was invested to repair the suspension system. A week later he is driving normally down the highway taking a friend home. He then notices that the car is running HOT and steaming from the radiator, he quickly pulls over and pops the hood.

Not knowing what to do, he has it towed to a mechanics shop. Initially they thought it was a blown head gasket. Further looking into the engine, they discover that it has a cracked block. Fast forward a week. They want $2,200 to replace the engine.

Remember… $3,500 for the car, $1,300 for the suspension and now another $2,200 for the engine. This comes out to a total money pit of around $7,000!

Keep in mind that you can get a car like this in good condition for around $5,000.

Just be careful when buying cars, that’s all… do a little market researcg before jumping into a deal.

It’s not easy, it’s simple!

…and I show you EXACTLY how you can profit wildly buying and selling used cars for profit. If you have any interest in learning how you can generate a side income simply buying and selling used cars, do check out my famous F1 AutoCash Formula 8 week training course.

For the past 3 years, I have been successfully training many people from all around the world and helping them make extra money during these hard times. Learning how to flip cars is a great why of adding extra income to your bottom line.

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5 thoughts on “How To Flip Cars for Profit – Used Car Inspection Lesson (True Story)”

  1. Hey Tony,

    Thanks for the free report man! I have enough start up money to buy and fix a 7k car. Looking to get this biz up and functioning at 10k/mo within 6 months. Do you recommend starting out that big or should I keep it in the under 4k range for my first few? Have any of your members came to Hawaii to do some deals with you….if you are up for it I would love to do some traveling and make money doing it, haha!


  2. What did mean by keeping it around $2500. Are you talking about buying cars around that price, selling at that price or making that much profit per deal


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