How To Buy and Sell Cars for Profit – (for the younger crowd)

How To Buy and Sell Cars for Profit – (for the 18 and younger crowd) You can still do it!

Are you a younger hustler?

Are you interested in learning how to buy and sell cars for profit? Well, listen to this true story about flipping cars and how you can do the same even though you are under the age of 18.

It was back in the day, I was 13. I had a newspaper route working 7 days a week! (2-3 hours). making about $150. – $180. a month. It sucked. It sucked BAD!

Sometimes it would rain in the early mornings and I still had to deliver those damn papers.

If you ever had a paper route, then you know what I’m talking about.

Then one day my father said “Why don’t you start buying and selling mopeds?”Then it came to me.. I was… at heart, a gear-head.

I loved anything with small engines. Mopeds, Go-Karts, I even made one of the first 2 wheel scooters using a weed wacker engine.

My Beginning of Buying And Selling Cars

honda elite - how to buy and sell mopeds

I started to look in the penny-savers and local newspapers for used mopeds for sale that need a little fixing up. Things like a tune-up, paint and stuff.

… now we use online classifieds to score deals and I’ll show you EXACTLY how you can COPY my strategies and put them to work for you.

I would go with my father to make offers and eventually land some deals. I was picking them up at price ranges from $100. – $300. and flipping them for profits. I’d usually net about $300. – $800. per flip and buying and selling about 2 – 4 bikes a month.

By the time I was 14-15, I must have flipped 60 bikes. It was fun. Then at around 15 or so, I got into flipping my forst car. My stap father said, fix it up, and paint it…. whatever you gotta do and sell it for me.

You can keep whatever you make over $800. It was a 1989 Honda Accord. At the time I think it was 1997-1998.

I ended up selling the car for $3,000 – $5,500 I don’t exactly recall the number but it was around there. I think I priced it too low because after I listed the posting I got a ton of calls and the first person that looked at the car ended up buying it within a quickness.

I think they got me down a few hundered dollars from my original asking price, but it was my first car deal and I thought it was awesome. Holy shit! Did I just make a few grand on a car flip? I asked myself. I gotta do more! Back in the day in Hawaii, you needed to be 15 to have a license and drive a car 🙂

Profit Mode…

Honda Accord - how to buy and sell cars

Of course I had one 🙂 …Then the game of flipping cars was in full force. …but there was a problem. I couldn’t go to the auctions, and at the time that’s where the real money was.

My biological father ran an automotive body and paint repair shop for about 20 years bye the time I decided to start learning how to paint cars etc. And that 1989 Honda Accord was my first enamel single stage paint job because at the time I was also learning automotive auto body work and paint.

Long story short, I became a flipper. From sneaking in private auctions at age 16-17 with my father dealer buddies telling them what car I wanted for my next project… to turning 21, and finally going to auctions alone bagging deal my own way.

Some days I’d walk aout with 3 cars. Some none.

…and what did all of this experience teach me about buying and selling cars for profit?

Answer: it taught me to me patient, it taught me that it wasn’t about me, it taught me that just because I loved BMW’s and Mercedes, didn’t mean the mass market wanted them.

It taught me market research and how to serve the market. Give people what they wanted. Cheap Dependable Cars!

I learned that you didn’t ALWAYS get cars that needed a lot of work to be profitable. It taught me that all cars that you sell doesn’t have to be perfect, it still can have a few little flaws and still sell FAST.

“They Usually Say” Time is money and money is time… Master That, and Freedom Awaits!

freedom flipping cars - how to buy and sell cars for profits

How do WE… “people who want to buy and sell cars to make outrageous profits and make more money in less time? Well, there is a formula. It’s called the F1 Autocash Formula and you can learn more about that right here.

It’s a philosophy, a way of doing things. It’s growing the ability of your innate sense of knowing when to pass on a deal and when to jump on one.

I hope this story was inspiring to you, again this letter was geared more toward the younger crowd. I hope you enjoyed it.

Please feel free to share, and comment your thoughts below. I would love to hear back from you!

Until next time… hasta luego!

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  1. Lol… That’s my Accord shortly after being repainted base/clear. Still have it, although it doesn’t look that nice anymore and I’ve long sold the wheels.


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