Touching base – flipping cars for massive cash profits

This is Touching base ー flipping cars for massive cash profits.

I just wanted to touch base with all of you again. I’m back in the States!

I’ve been travelling for the past six weeks. First, I was in L.A. then, to Hawaii for two weeks and then flew to Japan for a month. My wife and kids are still there. I had to come back sooner because I have to get the house back in order.

I plan on actually flipping my BMW Z3 this summer. I got it for $13,000 and put about $500 in it. I did a quick little paint on the hood and bumper. I’m looking to see what I get for it.

Check out the video as I show you the BMW. It’s a 2000 BMW Z3 M Edition. It has 39,000 miles and I put 2,000 miles on it. It’s in excellent condition.

I think if I can get $17,500 to $18,500, I’m going for it. I’ll test the waters first. I’m in it for $14,000 and I’m not going to make a lot of money on it.

It’s taking up space in my shop so if I can make it $3,000 to $5,000 on this BMW, then I’ll definitely get rid of it. That’s what I plan to do and I’ll keep you posted on what will happen

My eye look shot. I get a lot of comments from people saying that I look stoned. Dude, this is my natural eye. It’s called putting in some hard core work. LOL!

I just got feedback from Danny D. He flipped four cars and made $72,000! That is freakin’ awesome! This is what happens when people take action don’t get scared of taking risks. You are the man!

For those of you who want to be successful like my man, Danny D here, get started now and grab your FREE Report.

It pays to invest in the knowledge and put in a lot of hard work and determination to succeed. I have so many VIPs like Danny here, who invested in the program and are now a source of inspiration for others who want to start in this business too.

I want to pick up another Miata and have been looking locally for one. I reached out to this guy who wanted $6,500 for the deal and I offered $5,500 cash for it. He hasn’t replied yet so I’ll check back with him later.

It’s a 2005 Mazda Miata Special Edition with 100,000 miles. He put a lot of nice upgrades in it, but not crazy ones to the point that it looks molested.

Question: Do I go to school for auto body? [13:19]

If you plan on being your own boss, then you don’t need to go to school. The most important thing here is to follow one instructor because each person has a different method of doing auto body. If you listen to different people, you’ll get confused.

There are many ways to skin a cat, so to speak. There are many ways to do auto body so my advice is to just listen to one experienced auto body professional.

My LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Program shows you everything from A to Z. You can check out that program and see if you’re interested.

Bruce Lee followed one instructor at a time. He took one martial art at a time, combined all of these martial arts techniques and created Jeet Kune Do. It’s the same for auto body and for life in general.

This is why I always encourage everyone to invest in improving yourself. Invest in the knowledge and apply the knowledge to what you are doing to maximize your profits.

It’s Tony from F1 AutoCashFormula 2.0 – How To Buy And Sell Your Cars. Thank you everyone for jumping in today. Join me every Tuesday at 9pm ET.

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Talk soon! Cheers!



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