Buy and Sell Cars For Profits – Best Kinds for Fast Returns

Learn How To Buy And Sell Cars For Profits

Hey guys,

In the video above I basically talk about what cars you should buy and sell for profits. Well, to put it another way… these are the cars I have sold to make the most bang for my buck. Asian cars, good on gas, 4 cyl etc etc…

When learning how to buy and sell cars for profits, you need to know the game.

Im my early days I started with a lot of the smaller and medium size American cars like the Chevy Geo, Chevy Tracker, the famous piece of crap Saturn etc…and let me tell you. Those cars are CHEAP. Not just cheap on parts, but cheaply made.

I started to move towards Asian cars and my profits started to soar. The demand was greater, the automobile was a better product and overall they had a good reputation.

Remember, my local market may be different than your local market and this is what I also cover within the F1 AutoCash Formula course. I show you how YOU can actually see for yourself and find out what is HOT in your market, get those deals and then flip them right back into the hungry market.

It all comes down to the basic rule of supply and demand.

Find a hungry market, get your cars “the way I show you how” and feed it to them. It’s literally like money in the bank each time you score a deal.

When I started, I used to buy the wrong cars… then invest too much money in each deal and end up making $200-400 on a deal.

You see, it’s not bad if all you did was wash the car and make 200-400 on it, but I actually worked my but off on them. Things like installing a rack in pinion, maybe new axles, buffing the whole thing out, complete detail etc.. and it was TOO MUCH WORK!

As soon as I started to change the way I bought, It was over.

The formula I wanted was LESS WORK & MORE PROFITS. I focused and refined the way I bought, studied trends, seen what people bought at auctions, seen what cars were fore sale on the streets, and on the computer. I had my finger on the PULS of the market so much I knew instantly.

What car was a good deal or if I got it for this much I can make X amount.

Basically I have done MANY deals and negotiated with many more buyers and sellers.

I want to show you HOW YOU CAN COPY MY FORMULA, so you can skip the trial and error and become better from the start by learning from other peoples mistakes.

Trust me it’s the way to go. Just like how I learn about real estate from my brother. He is a GENIUS when it comes down to RE Savvy talk.

Anyway, I hope you got something out of this mini post.

If you have any interest of what I have to offer you, take me up on my 8 week online training course that basically shows you EVERYTHING I do all in step-by-step detail. Complete Video Trainings, Manuals and Guides. Plus I may throw in a few bonuses too.

Be smart and learn from people who you think is doing the right thing. Trust your gut, most times it’s right on.

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9 thoughts on “Buy and Sell Cars For Profits – Best Kinds for Fast Returns”

  1. Thanks Tony, I will give it a try. At the moment I have a Japanese Toyota Carina TI that I am tryning to sell, would you please advice on how I can sell it and be able to make a profit? I must confess one thing though, I am very attached to the car, and the very idea of selling it gives me the crips! But Iam in a very tight financial situation and that is why i want to sell my beloved Carina
    thanks again. yours Peter odera

    • hahaha, never fall in love with a car or house. 🙂 I would say in a nut shell… list it at a competitive price, have it looking good and sell it! besides that, all of the advanced selling and sprucing tactics are covered in the VIP F1 Video course. Good luck!


  2. hey tony, having some problems with your web site. have not been able to log in to your web site. not taking my email, user or password, have sent an email to your customer support with no respond for 24 hrs. would like to see your program, have only log in to the web site once, would really appricated if somebody help me or call me, or email me on this problems. thanks tony in advance.

    • No problem Jimmy, we are on it. For some reason we didn’t get anything on our end from the customer support center. Did you create a ticket? Anyway we are on it now. Thanks and sorry for the delay!

  3. hi Tony
    Ive also tried to grt to your website yet no luck
    i would like to check out your course and get started.
    I m working on a 1971 VW super beatle and a 1967 Datsun PU right now to sell.
    and then ill use the profits to get on course as you shared.
    thanks for sharing your experiences

  4. Hey tony. I’ve been watching your videos on youtube and i must say that i really want to try flipping cars. Im in college and i could really use the extra cash. I just need a little help starting.


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