Life Sucks – Time To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit!

Bum on The Street - Buy And Sell Cars For Profit!
Don't get this low!

Hey readers,

Tony here and I just took this real picture of a bum that I’ve seen for years near the airport in Honolulu.

I actually took this picture yesterday from my iPhone.

No kidding, I’ve seen this guy a few times 7-8 years ago and I couldn’t believe he’s still around.

My thoughts were how does he do it. How can ANYBODY survive and live so long while living for nothing.

If you look closely, this guy is GENUINE. He may have been wearing the same clothes 8 years ago.

His t-shirt looks like hard leather from oil and grime, he had patches of mud on his skin.

What does this have to do with buying and selling cars for profit you ask?


I just can’t see how LOW people will go and not do ANYTHING to change. At the beach here, there are FREE showers.

You can get FREE clothes at the local salvation army. But still he CHOSES to do NOTHING.

This is the victim of Not having a plan and Not Taking Action.

If he just said to himself and said ok… today I will take a shower, then the next day said… today I will get new free clothes.


This is just a reminder, sometimes I contemplate… how people become victim of negative thinking.

Don’t be a Victim! Have a Plan and Take Action!

You may think I’m cruel, But I’ve actually worked with a few bums and still do till this day. Most just gave up and don’t give a crap. I have a helper Danny. My father has been taking care if him since I was 14 years old. Feeds him, gives him work, money, shelter. But still to this day…

He won’t really help unless you ask him. Sometimes he just seems like a leach to me.

Again I don’t personally know this guy above, and I don’t know his personal story. When I see this, it always makes me think. That’s all.

We should be fortunate for where we are and to remember that we BECOME what we think.

Weather you choose to better your life by buying and selling cars for profit or by taking a job at your local McDonalds then you’re in the right direction.

The secret is to not give up.

First, imagine where you want to be in life. Second, start somewhere! Get a  J O B … buy and sell a car anything.

Start saving, keep learning and keep taking Action.

Simple as that!


You can start Today. You can start with LOW capital. Like I said I started my business with $35.00. It was an old 86-87 Honda Civic and I resold it for $1,500 CASH! It was the most exciting day of my life! New doors opened up, and the game was on!

Since then, I’ve perfected my strategies. I’ve become an animal.

Then, was asked to share this stuff a few years ago and frankly didn’t want to. My videos online were getting a ton of feed back so I said ok. I’ll create this course guys, but I’m warning you. I am not a professional. I’m just a guy who flips cars for profit and does a pretty good job at it.

So I created a step-by-step plan. A blueprint that can show you exactly how I do this. How to buy and sell cars and make a few thousand a month. It may not be a career for you, but it can bring in that fast cash when YOU need it most.

Pay off a few bills, take a vacation, splurge a little.

The choice is yours.

If you have any interest in buying and selling cars for a profit. Then you may want to look at the f1 AutoCash Formula course. It’s 8 weeks, nothing left out, I give you full manuals, step-by-step videos, audio books, audio recordings of real-live calls with buyers and sellers, ad critiques and much more.

Time is money… and the clock is ticking. Don’t be satisfied with what ‘THEY’ give you. Take what’s Yours!

You have two choices…. stay where you are and be frustrated and stuck in the rut. OR learn from somebody who’s been there in the trenches and made it work. It’s all done for you, the tools and support is waiting for you.

You just gotta get up and take ACTION!

Remember that picture above… I did!


All the best!









12 thoughts on “Life Sucks – Time To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit!”

  1. Hey guys, I really don’t think this is real good idea to use somebody’s life to promote your on life, when you don’t know this guys story and if he did choose to do what he does, maybe some of us would walk on the other side of the street to advoid him, and others would offer to him help. Which one would you be. There is a lot of factors that lead to this kind of living and us fortunate folks can count our blessing, because this can happen to you, if know one cares. WE can make a different. What would you say if this guy fought for our country/freedom and the fog of war messed him up. We never know.

  2. Hey Tony, great post. Gonna have to slightly disagree with your analogy about hitting rock bottom. There are a lot of folks out there w/severe mental health problems such as bi-polar and other mental afflictions. Due to budgetary cuts by a lot of state agencies, mentally ill folks have no one to turn to for necessary treatment and medication. I always try to show compassion and heart toward those less fortunate than myself…hope you do too.

    • I really didn’t intend to exploite this guy… I totally forgot to mention that I have given this guy and many other local bums in the area money. And observe actions. I remember I gave this lady $20. bill she took it and turned around. No thanks, nothing. Interesting. Yes this guy may be sick, but I do think society did this to him. It’s just a reminder for myself and I’d thought I’d share it.

  3. nice post
    its just morning in here and im starting my day at my office.
    as i opened this page from my e-mail i became mad… but your sentences was rock dude…
    thnks for the E-mail

  4. wow Tony that is real.we,re all going to fail in everything we hope for or want if no action is taken.there is free cloths and shower and he cant do a thing about that?now thats LAZY!

  5. I driv e a truck and meet more of these people most often. I tell them I have to speak to 3 family members to confirm their story before handing over cash. You wo’nt believe the broken handed excuses as to why I can’t talk to their family. Most transactions in life require disclocure and come along with limitations and conditions. I am not apposed to helping others. But, family comes first, family needs to be informed when one of their own is in need or simply mooching off th public.

  6. Hi there…

    In fairness to Tony, he was just saying that we have to prepare now for our future so that one day we will not be able to be like the man above. There is nothing wrong with it. And he was giving us the idea as to how to improve our lives by doing what he did or is doing, that gives him good amount of income. In other words, he is sharing his knowledge but it has to be compensated.

    This is just my opinion from what I read from Tony’s email to me. He should not be judge for he was just trying to share his experiences and eventually his business. It’s really up to us if we agree with him.

    Yes! take that man as an example so that one day we will not experience what he is experiencing. In other words, prepare our lives for the future:-).

    • Thanks Maribeth,

      This is just something I observed and I felt like sharing my thoughts and also gving “you guys” my loyal readers something to read and think about too.

      Be cool guys and keep on keeping on. After a dark night there is ALWAYS a brighter day!


  7. i have been buying and selling cars for over 7 years and some of the stuff tony says has helped me make more money and alot less work !!!
    i had my mind stuck on older cars but now i can make 10k a month selling
    3 cars ( i do the work ( mechanic for 10 years ) thanks tony .. ohh
    yes some people have mental disorders but there is help out there for them and i don’t SEE you picking up bums of the street and getting them help …..
    even if you did 90 % of them would never go or never come back . i hung out with bums in sacromento , fresno , sandiego ,az and ga, and i will tell you the all i met did not want any help and im talking bum not homeless
    they wanted drugs or beer and were fine the way they live . if they were so mentaly retarted how would they live out side with no help for years on end
    i have known lots of bums that had more money than me anyways i need a beer later …….. you will see me soon on yt and thanks again tony

  8. hey im in that situation now there is nothing wrong with this it is just motivation to get and keep you moving i am not going out like that im not looking like that dude in the picture by far God is good but hey i sleep in my car , how close are any of us to the point of being homeless im not a quiter never will be great video tony i feel you bro.


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