How To Buy And Sell Cars By Changing The Oil


   Hey! What’s going on! I’m rolling in the pimped out Honda Odyssey Minivan.  The Mommy van!  That’s what happens when you have kids and you take kids to school in the morning. But anyway, I wanted to share with you a story, something that just recently happened.  Pretty neat.  But things like this … Read more

How To Buy and Sell Cars Common Questions And Testimonials


   Hey! What’s going on! Here’s another Q&A video from my followers How to Buy and Sell Cars Common Questions and we’re going to be talking about buying cars for profit.  Is it still possible? I just want to read out a quick testimonial that I just got from Clint of Prosper, TX. Clint … Read more

Life Sucks – Time To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit!

My thoughts were how does he do it. How can ANYBODY survive and live so long while living for nothing.

If you look closely, this guy is GENUINE. He may have been wearing the same clothes 8 years ago.

His t-shirt looks like hard leather from oil and grime, he had patches of mud on his skin.

What does this have to do with buying and selling cars for profit you ask?