How To Buy And Sell Cars By Changing The Oil


Hey! What’s going on!

I’m rolling in the pimped out Honda Odyssey Minivan.  The Mommy van!  That’s what happens when you have kids and you take kids to school in the morning.

But anyway, I wanted to share with you a story, something that just recently happened.  Pretty neat.  But things like this happen all the time.  This is actually the second car that this happened to me.  The other one was like way back 5, 6, 7 years ago, maybe.

Alright, so I went to look at a car – a 2005 Toyota Rav4 and I’m taking it for a test drive.

He was a smoker and the car wasn’t really well taken care of.  But, there are ways to get the smoking smell out of the car pretty easily and I show you how to do all of that if you check out the course.

It feels really sluggish, not much power but it runs great.  You know, it runs great but it just doesn’t have that pep.  It was blowing a little bit of smoke out of the exhaust and it just wasn’t fully there.

As I go inspect the car, I immediately know what it needs.

When I check the oil, I noticed the oil is like filthy.  It’s like muck.  And I didn’t say anything, okay? And I didn’t say anything but I want to negotiate.  At that point, I don’t open my mouth while I’m inspecting.

He’s listing the thing for like $6500 which is pretty cheap and it has 80,000 miles on it.  For 2005, it’s actually not bad.  Alright, not bad.  At $6500, blue book is a lot higher.

And I tell him, “Look the car needs engine work.  It’s not running right, it’s very sluggish.  It’s blowing smoke out of the tailpipe.  It may need some major engine work.  And I don’t know at that point, you know.  It may or may not.”

So I use that as a negotiating strategy and say, “Hey, you’re going to be sitting on this for a long time… “

So I end up scooping the car for a little less than $5000.  $4800 cash on the spot.

The outside needs a little bit of buffing, a little detailing.  This was last week.

So I did all of that and all I did was change the oil and put a new set of spark plugs in it and the thing runs fantastic.

The oil was just bugging the car.  It looks like he never changed the oil for over 10, 000 miles realistically.  You know, he just didn’t take care of it.  Inside, it smelled like smoke.  We cleaned it all out.  We did some things to the air box inside with a filterzar, made it smell fresh again.

If you check out the F1 AutoCashFormula course, we take you through all these little steps… if you run into this problem, here is what you do.  If you run into this, this is how you do it.  And I also teach you negotiation strategy so buying and selling cars is really down to a formula, the way I put it down in the course.

It’s very, very easy for you to follow, even if you don’t have experience with this stuff.  You’ll be able to find a deal, scoop it, do your things to it and sell it.

Anyway, I already have a buyer that’s really, really interested for $8000.  I put about $150, everything included.  At $150…spark plugs, oil… I put synthetic oil in it to make sure it runs nice.  I also did the serpentine belt.  Just for the heck of it… because I wanted to.

Now, when I do my advertising, I can say, “Hey, fresh clean tune-ups, synthetic oil…” And I show you exactly how to write your ads, how to position your ads.  And even do video ads.  So people really fall in love with your vehicle that you have for sale.

Anyway, I’m about to make a close. $3000 on the deal within one week.  You can find deals like these all the time.  You just need the discipline to look every day.  That’s the main thing.  It’s just to keep looking.

Some people tell me, “Tony, there’s no deals like that.  How do you find these deals?”

They don’t find the deals because they search one day for half an hour or 40 minutes and they don’t search for the rest of the week.  You have to be constantly searching for deals.  I mean, if you want to make a few thousand dollars a month, you better put a little bit of time in searching for deals.

The money is really easily made, you know.  I must have 2 ½ hours… 3 hours in the car max.  And I make in $3000 profit on it, on a quick easy flip.

It’s a great little Toyota.  It’s just a little abused… low mileage.  I buffed it all out.  It looks great.

Anyway, I have a prospect here.  When he looked at it, he really likes it.  And I will keep you posted on the whole deal.

So I just wanted to tell you that story.  There are all kinds of cars out there that need a little bit of work.  Some of them don’t even need anything at all.  Some of them are just easy fixes of little simple tune-ups that you can do yourself.

And I have step-by-step videos that show you how to do these little tune-ups or whatever you have to do with the car to get it looking great again.

If you want to learn how to buy and sell cars for profit, check out F1 AutoCashFormula – How To Buy And Sell Cars Course.

Get the Free Bikini Report that I’m giving away, read it.  Check it out!  See what I’m doing and you can basically copy my strategies and put them to work for you in your local area, your market.

We have members from Australia, Canada, and United Kingdom using these strategies.  It’s working.

Keep smiling, keep thinking positive and you will attract.  Like attracts like, okay?

You put out positive energy, you’re going to find deals. You’re going to make money doing this.  It’s going to work out.  It will work out. You have to focus on what you want not what you don’t want.

Thanks for watching my video today.

I will talk to you soon! Have a great day!



— Tony


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