This live show is entitled FLIPPING CARS FOR PROFIT? The Bag of Tools You Need.

We are going to get into the tools that you need to flip cars for profit. This is not all of the tools, this is just the basics.

Here are the tools you need to flip cars for profit.

First things first, a SCREW GUN will come in handy. If you are taking out door panels or if you are doing things around the car such as taking some rubber moldings underneath the car. It’s good to have a SCREW GUN.

A FLASHLIGHT is good for doing a little inspections.

Normally, 10 years ago, I would have said to get one of those big booster packs, but now they are so small, they can fit under your car seat.

This is a LiPo Battery Booster Pack by Noco. This is super powerful. This is really cool because it has a flashlight feature as well. This is about a $170 and the small ones are about $120.

It’s good to have a HAMMER, if you got to break a windshield or something. LOL!

So this is a little advanced. The OBD-II TESTER. This would tell you what’s wrong with your car. It’s comes with the instruction manuals to read the codes. This a little advanced. You really don’t need this, if you’re a total newbie. This is optional.

Now, we also have A BASIC SOCKET SETS. The deep sockets and regular sockets. I have two versions, the Metric and American.

We also have BASIC SCREW DRIVERS. You have to make sure to have a handful screw drivers.

Then, we also have RATCHETS. Then, we also should not forget the little TORQUE SET!

Here we have a small ALLEN SET. If you pick up one of those $200 Craftsman kit, most of these would be included.

Also, if you have an AIR COMPRESSOR, it comes in really handy when you’re doing stuff under the car. This is little bit more advanced.

Now, we also have the BASIC WRENCH SET and some ELECTRICAL TAPES, regular MASKING TAPES and VICE GRIP.

Here are some basic PLIERS, NEEDLE NOSE, CHANNEL LOCKS and WIRE STRIPPERS. You need WIRE STRIPPERS in case you need to do a quick electrical work. And not to mention, a little PRY BAR, just in case you have to bust something under the hood (LOL!), but it also comes in handy.

We also have some SOCKET EXTENSIONS. These are pretty much the tools you need.

Check out the video as I show you how to use the MULTIMETER.

You might also need a can of SPRAY PAINT and also some stock of BRAKE FLUID and TRANSMISSION FLUID as well.

Also, have a box of REGULAR OIL CAR and 134a. I have detailed videos on this in the F1 AutoCashFormula VIP Course so you may want to check out VIP now. I have detailed videos on how to do all your inspections, tune ups and a lot more.

I’m setting up something special for a lot of you newbies. I want to help you succeed with flipping cars for profit so I’m going to be doing live shows for the next couple of days. Then, I’ll be sending you a special link to download a survey with questions on how I can help you better.

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