Used Car Inspection Tips – How To Buy And Sell Cars for Profit

Used Car Inspection Tips

When buying a used car, a vehicle inspection is an important part of the buying process

It can seem confusing at first. Most likely because you just don’t know what you look out for. This post really goes out to anybody inspecting a car.

You can be a guy who is planing on flipping a car or just a stay at home mom looking to buy a new used car. The video above will run through the main points on what to look for when buying a used car.

The more you do these the easier they will be come in performing.

What To Look For on The Body When Inspecting a Used Car

  1. Body color paint match (do the panels match or do you see significant color difference?)
  2. Do the body panels align up flush? Are they uneven?
  3. Do your doors, hood and trunk open and close easily without sagging or forced to close shut?
  4. Is your frame crinkled anywhere? do you see any paint cracking or chipped on the frame?
  5. Did you check your trunk floor pan for rear damage?
  6. Check the windshield, any small cracks? (forgot to mention this in the video)

Engine Inspection

  1. Are all of the fluids filled?
  2. Do you notice any leaks besides the Air Conditioning water that’s coming from condensation (which is normal)?
  3. How does your oil look? Is it milky looking? Is it very dark and mucky?
  4. Do you have enough water in your radiator? Do you see oil spots in it? Does it look milky?
  5. Did you check your transmission fluid? It should have a reddish tint to the transmission oil.
  6. Do you see a lot of metallic filings in your trans fluid? Not a bad thing, but an indicator that you need to really take it for a good test drive to make sure that the car is shifting ok. Be sure to run it through all gears. All you may have to do is change your filter and oil. The same goes with engine oil. If you don’t see any blue/white smoke from the tailpipe, your in good shape.

Interior Inspection

  1. Check all electrical buttons. Be sure to check all the doors and buttons.
  2. Check all lights in the car, engine lights in dash, dome lights, high and low beam, signals and hazards.
  3. Turn your AC on and run through all levels. Check your radio, electric antenna if equipped.
  4. Check The Seats, to they all adjust ok?
  5. Check for flooding ( forgot to mention this in the video) do you smell mildew? how is the carpet? is it damp in areas?
  6. Check the overall condition of the gas, clutch and brake pedals. Are they worn or do they look normal?

CarFax and Basic Paper Work Inspection

I didn’t cover this in the video. I plan on making a video exclusively for this.

  1. Are the papers current? Are the taxes up to date?
  2. If you have smog inspections in your State, will it pass? do you have the current paperwork for it?
  3. Is it a clear title? (a very good sign) Sometimes the car could have been in a BAD accident but saved and still appear as a clear title. That’s why it’s important not only to rely on a CarFax report but to do your own vehicle inspection.
  4. Is it a salvage title? (I don’t recommend buying and selling salvage cars) they are a lot harder to sell. At times you can get a great salvage title deal if you plan on keeping it for yourself. I talk more about this in detail within the F1 Formula 2.o course.

I hope you learned a lot from this short and to the point post on used car inspection tips.

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Keep rocking it!


P.S. please leave any questions or comments that you have below. I look forward to talking with you…

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