How To Buy And Sell Used Cars Part-Time (inspiration)

How To Buy And Sell Used Cars Part-Time (inspiration)

Hey man,

Just made this videos a few days ago and didn’t have the time to share it with you.

I basically talk about how new car sales are actually up for the first time in a long time. Now this doesn’t not mean that we are on the way to a full recovery but it means things seem to be getting better in the economy.

Most of what I talk about in the video is mind stuff. Inspiration.

How you need to constantly improve yourself.

I share some of the books that I’ve read such as Joe Girard’s “How To Sell Anything To Anybody” below:

Joe held and probably still holds the Guinness record for the World’s Greatest Salesman”

It’s important. It all comes down to “How bad you want it.”

If you really want to do something, do it.

Make it happen.

The 5 Steps of How To Buy And Sell Used Cars for Profit

If you really want to start and learn how to buy and sell used cars for profits so you can have extra time, money, freedom then get your mind to it and do it.

Learning how to buy and sell used cars is a process. All you really need to do is “know’ the market. And that can be done with simple daily research.

1. Start by browsing your local markets. Local penny savers, newspapers, keeping an eye out on the street and most of all surfing online automotive classifieds.

Once you understand the market, 2. You need to know how to pick the deals…

After you pick out the deals, you negotiate. Thats 3.

After scoring a great deal, 4. you basically put the work in “if needed”, and 5, market it to sell for profits.

You can easily turn a $1,000 investment into 5,000-7,000 within 3 simple car flips. I’ve dont it many times. And of course it’s only hard when first starting out because you might be working with a small budget.


If it’s not a small budget issue for you, then it’s yourself getting in the way or you just need to learn how to get deals, negotiate and sell.

Once you have a bit of cashflow, then you can really chose your deals and only invest in two to three thousand dollar cars that will have a 50-150% ROI.

That’s a great investment if you ask me.


Hope you like the video.

I will be posting more soon with more great content.

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5 thoughts on “How To Buy And Sell Used Cars Part-Time (inspiration)”

  1. Hi Tony thanks for the video, loved the information. It has been said by many success coaches many years ago that when you go to your job you are profiting mainly someone else, when you work and study outside of your job on your own time you profit mainly yourself. I understood your message loud and clear, Invest in Your Self! Many people worry about failure, but the biggest failure is not trying. A lot of famous people and innovations that I know of came from multiple failures and setbacks; but the difference was they keep trying.

  2. Thx Tony, great advice about moving forward from the wish stage to the “ action “ stage . Action is what creates change . To be succeeding people must invest daily in their venture.
    Structure and routine is paramount to success.
    Having an organized set of goals is part of the formula for success.
    I also heard you say “ don’t over think “, figurative speaking. Start with one flip and go from there .
    You have nothing to lose.
    Thank you,


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