Using The Kelly Blue Book To Buy And Sell Cars for Profit

How To Buy And Sell Cars Using the Kelly Blue Book

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I just did a quick post talking about how the kelly blue book can be used for market research and how you can profit big by using it the correct way.

When buying and selling cars for profit it is critical to know what a good deal is.

Most guys end up spending much more than they should. Then they find out that the car needs a lot more work then expected.

In the video above I explain why you should use the kelly blue book to do your market research because most people in the US look at the KBB values before buying a car. You want to be on the same page as your market and know where to set your prices.

The “PME Tactic ™”

The PMS is a strategy that I teach within the F1 Formula Course that shows you exactly how to cherry pick the deals.

It’s all about knowing your numbers and it’s quite simple.

After learning this, you’ll be able to look at the price of a car from an online classified, the paper, at an auction and know how much to offer and how much to pay.

You’ll be able to negotiate like a PRO. With your eyes closed.

Learn more about buying and selling cars for profit here and join us today.

Let’s start making some money shall we?

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