How To Buy And Sell Cars Online – Craigslist Loophole

How To Buy And Sell Cars Online Using Craigslist or any major classified sites.

If you have never bought and sold a car for profit before, you’re in for a real treat because I truly EXPOSE the game of how to buy and sell cars for profit.

Im Tony, and I’ve been in the car flipping game for quite some time now.

I have started my profitable career at the ripe age of 15. I started buying and selling mopeds, motorcycles, and then to cars by the time I was 16. I mostly delt with the private party market because I was just too young to get into the auctions and regular dealer auctions.

Yes, there are a few auctions that you can go to and buy from without having a dealers license. But I DO NOT recommend that you do so unless you have some experience in dealing with people and knowing how to buy and sell cars.

The Term “How To Buy And Sell Cars” may seem very simple, but there’s a lot more to it than you think.

A lot more.

But on the same token, it doesn’t need to be complicated. You just need to know a few simple fundamentals that can be applied to all markets in any country no matter what you are trying to sell for a profit.

1. Does what you’re selling have demand?

2. Are you offering at at a competitive price?

3. Can you get more of them?

4. Can you create a WIN WIN situation so you the seller makes out while the buyer goes home extremely happy?

That’s really it in a nutshell to explode your profits and really fill your pockets. You see, when I forst started to buy and sell cars in my younger days I always used to buy what I LIKED. Not what my market was looking for and wanted.

Now, when I say ” the market” I mean the “MASS MARKET”.

There is a market for high end cars, a market for really cheap cars, and then the “Mass Market”. The mass market is the $2,500 – under $7,000 price tag range.

You’ll get many people who are looking for good dependable economical cars in this range and the people who are in this market are abundant. Within the F1 AutoCash Formula. I go into FULL detail of how you can find your own market within your own community and location.

Just because in my area the 1990 – 2000 nissan trucks sell like crazy dosen’t mean they will in yours. The Pontiac Grand m may be for you in your market. I show you how you can do your own research and find what sells.

Then, I show you how to GET THEM, and flip them for outrageous profits. If you liked this short post I urge you to download my 17 page bikini report. I open up my world and show you behind the scenes how how I buy and sell cars for profit and how you can too. You’ll be a car flipping master by the time you finish training with me.

And that’s a guarantee. Take a look at these REAL FACEBOOK screen shots of one of my most recent F1 AutoCash Formula VIP Members and what he has been able to do to change his life around by selling cars for profits.

how to buy and sell cars
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F1 Testimonial

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I only like to work with 8-10 members a month because frankly it takes up a LOT of my time to answer emails and to be there for support.

If you try to order and the order doesn’t go through then I’m sorry. Just try again next month. Hope you like this read and be sure tpo check back often. More great content coming soon. See the F1 video here.

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