Car Scams – What Not To Do When Buying and Selling Cars

Car Scams – What Not To Do When Buying and Selling Cars

I just found this car scams video and had to share it with you.

This is what NOT do to when flipping cars for profits. This is not what the business is about. The business is about getting great used car deals, make them look great, tune them up (if needed) and create a win-win situation for both you the seller and the buyer.

When you can do this. Not only do you feel great when selling the car you also won’t have to worry and sleep better at night after the car has sold.

I get a ton of emails from subscribers asking, “Tony, I bought a car at an auction and the transmission ended up being bad” “The engine was shot” …”It has electrical problems”  etc…

And yes, it’s true. Unless you know HOW TO BUY AT AUCTIONS, you have a very good chance of getting something you never planed for. It can totally screw you on profits and you may even lose a lot of money.

This situation actually put’s a lot of your competitors out of business FAST. This is why I recommend that if you’re just starting out, start in the private party market.

  • The cars are much better in quality.
  • You can take more time for inspection.
  • You can negotiate awesome deals.

So how can YOU get started?

The first step. Have certainty that you will do this. Because without it, you won’t take action which means that you will not get results. Imagine seeing yourself buy and sell a car for profit. Imagine how fun it was. Imagine the money you made from it. Imagine doing it again.

If you can see yourself do it. You can make it happen.

2nd. Get the right information on how to do it. And if you haven’t bought and sold a car for profit before, or have and haven’t gotten the results that you were expecting, see this video.

3rd. Get to work. Get online and find a deal. do your magic, get it home, spruce it up, repost it for sale with a winning ad that get’s hungry buyers calling you like crazy. Sell it. Profit.

Don’t get caught up on car scams. Be legit.

We cover all of the strategies that you need to easily flip cars for profits in our F1 AutoCashFormula how to buy and sell cars for profit course if you shall need any help.

Hope you enjoied the post.

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