How To Buy And Sell Cars – Sitting on a Car Too Long?

When buying and selling cars for profit you have to take into consideration 3 main factors.

  • Where to get your deals.
  • How much to invest or how much to spruce up.
  • How to properly advertise your vehicle to ensure a FAST SALE.


1. Where To Get Your Car Deals?

there are a few ways to get deals, one being auto auctions but I do not recommend them for beginner car flippers or if you’re still in the learning stages and want to profit more per car flip. Auctions can be tricky because a lot of newbie business men get lured into this business thinking that auto auctions are the best and easiest place to score deals.

Over the years this has proven to be bad advice. With a ton of newbie bidders flocking to these insurance and even dealer auctions the bidding wars has gotten really tough.

First of all, these newbie buyers don’t know the real pricing on the street enough to make a profit on their buys. They all get too emotional while participating in the bidding wars and they don’t buy with their heads they start bidding on emotion and revenge. They over pay for their cars then say to them selves that the market is too competitive and give up.

This is why I love the private party market and recommend that you get started here. You’ll have an easier time inspecting your used car, a better time negotiating with sellers and a lot less competition with other potential buyers. The key is to be FAST when looking at a deal and scooping it up on the spot. I break this topic in great detail within the F1 Formula Course.

2. How Much To Invest Into Your Car That You Have for Sale?

This is a big one. When I started to buy and sell cars for profits I used to buy all of the cars that needed too much work. Sometimes I bought cars that I thought didn’t need much but as I got into the car getting it ready for sale I would find repairs that needed to be fixed before selling.

This is why proper inspections are really important. When buying at auctions you have a bigger chance to run into these kins of problems because you don’t or can’t really inspect the vehicles the way you really want to. You basically buy blind and on chance many times. Then later you discover problems that need fixing before you can resell.

3. How To Properly Advertise Your Vehicle To Ensure a FAST SALE

Selling your car is just as important as finding a good deal. What’s the use of having a great car for sale if you can’t sell it? Or what if you’re siting on a car longer than you expect to? 3 weeks, 4 weeks, over a month?

Knowing how to write ads to get floods of interested prospects looking at your car is very important and almost over looked by the average Joe.

Think about it, most people slap a few words on a page, through up a few pictures and hopt to sell their car. Yes they may get lucky and sell it quick but with a little tactic behind this part you can really position your ad and car above the lame rest and stand out pretty easily.

The formatting of your ad is VERY important, pictures are important, your story is important and also if you use video or not will make a big difference in getting hungry buyers to take a look at your vehicle.

I expose the entire car flipping business in my F1 Formula and reveal it all right in front you. I’ve been told that just my ad formatting and ad tactics have been well worth the cost of my courses.

how to flip cars

If you’re interested in learning how to buy and sell cars for profits and take your car business to the next level selling more cars, making more in profits, finding better deals and more then learn more here.

We have been coaching thousands of members since 2009 in learning how to buy and sell cars for profits.

It dosen’t matter if your a teen, a college student, a senior, a single parent just looking for a extra source of income in these hard times.

Learning how to flip cars for profits is a great way to add extra income to your bottom line.

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