How To Buy and Sell Cars For Profit – User Testimonial

hey man,

Do you want to learn how to buy and sell cars for profit and generate a nice side income? well if you said YES,

then keep reading…

I’m Tony and I’ve been selling cars for a long time. Making good money at it too.

Over the years I’ve been sharing my tips and tricks on YouTube and have been getting a lot of positive feedback from a ton of people who’ve found me on YouTube or google.

I’m happy to say that… I do love helping and I’ve helped many people DISCOVER a new way to make money.

Not just by depending on an old boring J O B… with a boss that doesn’t care about YOU or the next person in line.

Chris’s testimonial inspired me to make this video and words of wisdom for you to use. I hope you like it. He just signed up a week ago and already made $1,000 in profits on his first deal.

So the question is…what made Chris prosper so fast? How did he do it with no experience and knowing nothing about cars? Do you really want to know the secret of how to successfully buy and sell cars for profit?

Well, here it is…. ACT NOW.

Do something NOW, that will move you forward toward your goal on a daily basis. If you take no action, then nothing will happen. If you haven’t watched my video above then you must to fully understand what I’m talking about here.

It could be towards learning, researching, finding deals, posting ads… whatever, but you must MOVE, like flowing water.

Now, let’s start making some money by finding great car deals and selling them for a profit. It’s called business.

But here’s the catch. You must provide your buyer with a good deal. No ripping off here… I want to show you how to create the perfect WIN-WIN situation with EVERY car deal.

When all is done, you will be happy because you made a nice profit and your buyer will be happy because he got a great deal.

Please feel free to comment and post any questions that you have about buying and selling cars for profit. If you are NOT a VIP member yet, then I can’t wait to work with you so you too can generate some nice side income …just like Chris did.

If he can do it, so can YOU.



8 thoughts on “How To Buy and Sell Cars For Profit – User Testimonial”

  1. Hi Tony,

    I have been meaning to give you feedback over these past 8 weeks. So here goes:

    The reason I bought your program originally was to help me get top dollar selling my 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac which I no longer needed and had paid off. I’m a teacher and live at my school in the faculty apartment, so I didn’t need all this truck–and all that equity depreciating. So I bought your program.

    I detailed my car myself, took awesome pictures (because I am a photographer on the side), wrote a catchy, snazzy ad with all the key points and attractive things mentioned. I priced it at $16,600. Got phone calls immediately. First guy who came out offered me $16,300 on the spot. Deal done–cash! Needless to say, your program paid itself back in spades. Thanks, Tony!

    Then, I got the blue book, practiced finding deals, researching, watching your weekly videos until I felt ready to go buy myself a cheap quality car–sort of a way to practice. So I found a deal–a ’97 BMW 528i in amazing condition, cared for by the owner who is a BMW mechanic. He cherished her and treater her right for 10 years. I learned from that purchase that I have a good nose for quality and low price, but was awful at trying to talk him down. He was so certain of the car’s quality that he wouldn’t budge–but I wanted it too much, so I paid him his price: $3,000–which was a very fair deal. Now the car is my baby and it’s driving great. Plus I had $13K left over!!

    Next I bought a ’97 Mercedes C230 in great shape for $1,300. While the mechaninc was making a few repairs, I bought a 2004 Ford Escape XLT in beautiful condition for $3,000. My goal is to price the Mercedes around $2,700 and let it go for $2,500, and to price the Escape at $5,200 and let it go for $4,900. My problem is that I’m an artist (I’m art teacher) so I want the cars to look amazing before flipping them, so I have been buying all these little things to get them looking great. I’m on ebay and finding replacement switches, Mercedes wheel caps, replacing broken vanity mirrors, little things that I didn’t see when I bought them. Knocking that little dent out. replacing that rickety brake handle. I haven’t run the numbers but I know that if I’m too finicky with all these little areas, I might lose any profits. I know this whole level is a learning experience (and I’m learning a ton), but I don;t want to obsess about things.

    I also want to be confident that the engine, transmission, radiator and anything else is working well. I don’t want to conceal any problems with the car if I know about them, so rather than lie, I want to fix them. But if it eats profit than I might just carmax it.

    For example, I had the Ford Escape detailed inside. They did a complimentary engine detail for me (first time customer) and they fucked up the coils and some hoses. It rough idled for two days with engine light on. They cleared the light for me. Problem went away but came back with a vengeance two days after that. I brought it to my mechanic. He fixed a coil and a hose and charged me $175. The problem came right back that same day. The mechanic found another ripped hose, and maybe another coil. I hope it doesn’t cost another $175, but these are the surprises I’ve been dealing with. The mechanic also wants to replace my rear control arms on my Mercedes and new front rotors and break pads. I feel like I could hide these things because the Mercedes drives smooth (but the control arms do creek when parking or going in reverse), but I don;t want to lie or conceal.

    Next, I have to say that coming from my 14 years experience of being a teacher, you are a MASTER TEACHER. You captivated me from the very first video. I understood what you were saying and felt very sure I could do this. You made everything seem clear. You spoke my language. All those videos teaching how to find a deal were great. You laid it all out there for us. Well done!

    The one area I’m not comfortable with is where we should draw the line on lying vs. telling the truth. Like with a floating title and saying you’re helping your sister sell a car when really you bought it to flip but put it in her name. Or, resetting an engine light when there is something wrong with the car, or flipping a car before knowing whether there is something wrong with the car. Or saying “Must Sell, Moving” when I’m not. I’m not saying you lie, but it sounds like lying to me. I just want you and all your students to be mindful of that area and where one should be honest and not cross over the line–cause once you cross the line of truth, one only gets farther and farther from God.

    Finally, the whole bikini babes on sports cars thing is clearly a marketing technique I’m sure you didn’t invent or promote but was endorsed by the people who run your marketing. Dude, using sex to sell cars is low. I know it’s old hat, but it disappointed me because you are a one of a kind dude and have such a kick-ass one of a kind program that I think you don’t need to go that route.

    So, you asked for feed back, that’s my feedback. I thank you for all the pearls of wisdom you have passed on to me. Thank you for the new hobby, the great advice and the extra cash!

    Peace, bro!
    Bethesda, Md

    • WOW. I thank you Brian for your NO-BS Feedback! — Awesome story btw… This is up there with some of my GREATEST member stories, if not one of the top (for being honest).
      Yeah, you will encounter some mechanical problems on cars, that’s why it’s sorta important to know enough so mechanics don’t JERK you around if you know what I mean. Once that cars in the shop, they want to hit with you with this and that…

      I hear you about the title stuff, but Brian, I just put the plain facts out for you all to use and judge for yourself. I too like to be as transparent as possible and YOU KNOW that I’m all about the “WIN-WIN deal”. Give the buyer a great deal, he walks away happy, and you walk away happy too.

      About the Bikini on babes… I use those girls to model on my auto body projects. Come on, you know girls and cars go well together. I don’t really use them on average flips, just cars that I’ve totally customized and painted 🙂

      I did it big time when I was entering a lot of local car shows. I WON too 🙂

      Again, I thank you for this awesome testimonial. I wish you MUCH success in all that you do buddy! Please keep in touch 🙂 Cheers and have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!



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