How To Buy And Sell Cars – The Story

hey! Thanks for watching my video on flipping cars for profit and I hope the story above inspires you.

Deals are really EVERYWHERE.

Learning how to buy and sell cars for profit is not easy… it’s SIMPLE.

You just need to go out and GET-EM. Tacking action is about 50% right there. Then you have negotiation, another 20%, then your marketing the remaining 20% then the last 10% is the spruce and light fixes…

Like I said, my father ended up loving this car and I let him have it. He later sold it and we split the profits. I think he got close to$5,500 for it. Mind you, we only paid 1,700 or $1,800 for it and the only thing we did was change the oil and wash it.

Thats about $3,700 in pure profits!

I think he had it about a year before selling it for a better car.

Learn How To Correctly Buy And Sell Cars for Windfalls of Profit. You CAN do it.

…and we’re here to help and guide you.

Within my F1 formula that I’ve now totally revamped I go over deals just like this and most of all how YOU can GET THEM.

Cash profits like these are all over. You just have to know HOW to look and WHERE to look. And in my F1 system I reveal it all. Thanks for your last comments on the blog and YouTube channel. I appreciate it.

Let me know how are are doing ok? Let’s make it the BEST Christmas this year for all of us! Ohh and by the way, I only have a few spots available for the nect session if you wan to get started with the F1 2.0 program. Reply to my email, post a comment below to let me know if you want ‘in’ ok? I will send you more info on it and how you can get started TODAY.

To yours in profits!


5 thoughts on “How To Buy And Sell Cars – The Story”

  1. Tony;
    I have had this course for some time because I wanted to make some extra money and not be at the mercy of endless bills. I thought horse racing and sports betting would do this but I hated the occasional loss. Then your course came along. This was my fathers dream to buy cars from the credit union, fix them up and sell them. When I graduated HS he had 6 cars in the driveway in Chicago and sold them all. Then he decided to stop.
    I am a licensed Real Estate Broker in California for the last 40 years. It was always chicken or feathers income. After looking at your course it reminded me of my fathers dream and how much my life would have changed if this information was available earlier in life. Now I am 66yo, disabled and I want to do this now and in the future. This information inspires me and I believe it will change my life. Thanks

    • William, I thank you for believing in me and joining the course. You can do it. Just go through the course, and take action. Deals are everywhere. You just need to know how to spot them, get them and sell them. My F1 FORMULA will guide you. I am also here for support. Take care William and keep in touch ok… Talk soon and thanks for your comment!



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