How To Buy And Sell Cars for Profit – The Life and The Freedom

Just made this video from the heart and expressing the gratitude that I have for the freedom.

You can achieve the same results. You CAN do it.

You just need to have the faith and believe that you will do it.

I hope you got a little gold from this video.

By learning how to buy and sell cars, it can be very rewarding. It can be very easy to double on each car flip within the 2,500-5,000 range. And this is where I urge you to start if you’re totally new to this, or of you just want to bank extra cash without all of the hassle.

Like I said in the video, why do you want to go and invest $45,000 to get a lot and a dealers license before you know that you really want to do this? Why not start small. Well, you SHOULD start small first to see of you like it.

…and the most important part is to actually make a profit. Make it a goal to make your first $1,000 in profit, your first $2,000 in profit. Whatever. Just do it.

See is you like it.

Make some money selling used cars first. And you can do it from your home or apartment. I want to show you how to do this, because you can.

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Talk soon and have a great weekend!

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2 thoughts on “How To Buy And Sell Cars for Profit – The Life and The Freedom”

  1. Hi Tony.

    Thanks for the video. I purchased you paint course a couple of years ago and it helped me paint my 1968 C10 truck.

    This was my first attempt at painting a car, it is not perfect but good enough for my daily driver.

    My wife and I want to get started with flipping cars, and I figure you can help me do that, just like you helped me paint my truck.

    I have asked that you send me your bikini report and we will take a look at it tonight.



    • hey Jim, That is awesome! When are you going to send some pics? Did you read the report? Stay on my newsletter and I will send you an update soon about the F1 2.0 course. Talk soon my friend!!


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