Finding Car Deals on Craigslist – How To Flip Cars

Today’s topic is Finding Car Deals on Craigslist – How To Flip Cars.

I got some cool news today. I finally got the title to my Lamborghini! We’re going to search for deals and go live on Craigslist today. So let’s go to Craigslist and let’s look for some deals and see if we could find something.

I’ll be in Hawaii for a week so for tonight, we will do Honolulu Craigslist. I’m also going to be helping my mom sell the car and buy another used car for her.

Let me show you my new Lamborghini. Check out the video.

When you find deals, you need to be on a couple of times a day. The best time to check deals is midnight because this is when people are posting. You’ll definitely find deals at around one in the morning because it’s the next day. You need to go online and check deals a few times a day and spend around 15 minutes per session.

Question: Do I recommend rustoleum paint job for a flip? [10:53]

I would rather just pay a little extra and get regular synthetic or acrylic enamel for paint. You just need to pay $40 more for a professional car paint and enamel single-stage.

Tonight, let’s do Honolulu Craigslist. Check the video as I share my screen with all of you.

You could sort by “By Owner only or By Dealer only”. The only reason why I like to go to “All Cars and Trucks” because sometimes regular owners will post in the “Dealer Only” by mistake.

I explain this to you in the F1 AutoCashFormula VIP Program, so if you are non-VIP, I would suggest to check out the program as this will help you get to the next level of car flipping.

I recommend buying cars no more than 15 years old. I would recommend to stay in the 10-15 years range. Unless, you are selling classic cars or a niche valued car such as a Toyota Supra.

I used to do a lot of Kias, Hyundais and Mazdas. Those are the three best cars that I flip like crazy.

Continue watching the video as I show you how to find deals. All of my strategies are in the F1 AutoCashFormula VIP Course. If you want to start flipping cars for profit, grab your FREE Report and start earning more in the comfort of your own home.

Remember, never buy salvage title cars. However, you can get good deals on some salvage if you plan to keep the cars. I used to drive a lot of salvage cars because I buy them at auctions and then, redo them. I used to drive them around for years, then sell them. I still get my money back.

Although, I don’t recommend newbies to buy salvage cars. I always say that and warn those who are new at this.

Also, do deals during the day. You can still do deals at night, but you need to be extra careful. Another thing, never do the first meet up at your own home. Meet them at a shopping center or local areas with high traffic to be safe. Again, be very careful when meeting up people for the first time.

It’s Tony from F1 AutoCashFormula 2.0 – How To Buy And Sell Your Cars. Thank you everyone for joining me today. Please Like, Share and Subscribe to my videos.

Talk soon! Cheers!


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