Flipping Cars For Profit! What Does It Take To Really Make Money Flipping Cars?


 Today, let’s talk about What Does It Take To Really Make Money Flipping Cars? This is an interactive training, so I encourage you all to participate. Jacksonville … Chicago … LA … Crestview, Florida … Awesome! I’m still waiting for the truck that I purchased in Japan that is being delivered here in Texas. … Read more

Money Getting Negotiating Secrets When Flipping Cars for Profit


 Let’s talk about negotiating secrets when flipping cars for profit. If you want to learn how to buy and sell cars for profit, you need to know how to negotiate.  Same thing with real estate and basically anything in life. You don’t get what you asked for.  You get what you negotiate. I’ve been … Read more

How To Buy And Sell Cars – Negotiation Strategies and Collectables


   Hey! What’s going on! I wanted to share a quick story with you, a true story.  And I thought that it would be a little informative for you maybe to learn something, right? I’m starting a little mini-car collection here.  More like an investment thing that I’m doing after reading some of Jay … Read more

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