How Many Cars Can You Buy And Sell for Profit?

This is all about how many cars can you buy and sell for profit?

I’m in my ’97 Mazda Miata.  I haven’t sold it because I actually like driving it.  I get a lot of questions still to this day about people asking if they need a dealer’s license to buy and sell cars for profit.

Or, others say that their state only allow them to sell a certain number of cars per year, like three cars or 5-7 cars per year.

Everybody gets hung up.  What’s the big deal?  Why don’t you just go out and find a deal.  It takes a little bit of time to actually know what you’re looking for.  Find a deal, then get it nice and cleaned up and sell it for profit.

Sell one.  Get one done. At least put a couple thousand dollars in your pocket before you worry about things that you don’t even have to worry about.  I don’t understand that.

There are some people who told me that they took the course and sold 10 cars in six months.  It was amazing.  But, majority of people get hung up. They don’t know if this business is for them. They don’t know if they should get started.  That’s the dangerous wheel.  The wheel of uncertainty.

You’re just on the Ferris wheel… always thinking and nothing gets done.  That’s what hurts you even more than actually taking action, buying cars and getting busted.

What are they going to do?  The worst case scenario is slap you on the wrists and say, “Hey, you can’t buy cars anymore.  You just can’t.”

There is no law that says how many cars you can own.  Look at Jay Leno.  He has a collection of over 250 cars. He sells a lot of them every once in a while.  He trades them up. Sometimes he gets rid of one and sometimes he adds more to his collection.

Don’t let that fear of failure and uncertainty stop you.  Go out and find that deal and profit.  Then, see how you’ll feel.

Then, get used to it, get your feet wet and do the legal limit.  At least you’ll have an extra $20,000 in your pocket every year, if you do the legal limit.

I want to make more videos based on what your questions are.  But, please don’t have these same questions about the title and the legal limit.

These are all minor stuff and it’s not a big deal.  Think of the number one thing that is holding you back.  What’s stopping you?  Because I think it’s something greater than that.

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  1. Dude, I just watched your video on flipping cars & worrying about the legal limit. Just wanna say everything you said is true but it was friggin hilarious too. Cheers man!


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