How To Buy and Sell Cars, Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, Quads and Farm Equipment

We’ll talk about How To Buy and Sell Cars, Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, Quads and Farm Equipment.

Buying and selling can pertain to anything not just cars. You can do dirt bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, classics, collectibles. I started out with 50-cc scooters and motorcycles.

I have VIPs who are strictly doing motorbikes like Harleys. They are making a fortune in these motorcycles. I think right now, you can get a better deal with motorcycles.

I honestly think you can make around $1000 profit on a motorcycle. A couple of years ago, I found a 2004 Yamaha Road Star. The lady thought it had 50,000 miles on it since she didn’t read the odometer properly.

I bought it for like $1500 from her. She was reading the tens as miles, but when I looked at it and saw that it was just 5,000, I didn’t say anything.

I had someone detail it for me. He cleaned it up for me and gave him $50. I sold it to a military guy within two days and made about $3500 on it without doing squat on it.

I made close to $4000 in a week on a Honda Accord a while back, so I went to check out this car and put too much oil in the engine. It was basically drowning itself.

When I had it on a test drive, it was blowing smoke and boggy, with no power. That’s how I got it at a killer deal.I drained the oil and put fresh one on it. Then, it run like a champ. I listed it at $5500 and got around $4500 on it.

I drained the oil when I got home and put fresh one on it. Then, it run like a champ. I listed it at $5500 and got around $4500 on it.

Scooters go from $50 to $700. You can sell them for around $1500 to $2000, depending on what kind of scooter it is.

The little 50-cc ones are sold for a couple of hundred bucks, which you can make $500 to $1000 per flip. That’s how I started.

If you want to get started on these too, grab your FREE Report now. I’ll take you through some of those scenarios on how to flip cars.

Question: How do you deal with people who are title washing. Cars getting green title after it has been salvaged or flood damaged? [10:39]

They do that by basically transferring into another state. If your car is salvaged, you need to get a rebuilt title for it. If you don’t get it certified, you can’t drive it on the road.

Then, they transfer to another state and somehow gets a clean title again. I don’t know how or why that happens.

It’s always good to know where the car has been. You can check locally through your carfax.

Feedback: Income tax season is the best time to flip cars. [12:05]

I think anytime is the best time to flip cars. It’s when can you spot the deal.

You don’t necessarily have to start with scooters if you can start with cars. The good thing about starting with scooters is you can get your feet wet with low investment.

Question: Do you need a permit or license to participate or buy cars in auctions? [14:48]

For dealer-only auctions, you need to hook up with a dealer. There are public auctions like copart and IAAI are public now.

I’ve been flipping cars for so many years, however, not so recently because I’m a little picky now. The game is still the same. It’s never changed.

It’s all about finding a good deal, doing what you have to do to make it nice again, advertise it properly to get noticed then make a couple of grand per flip.

For those of you who have full-time jobs and don’t know how to start, just add a couple of hours in finding deals. You can do this part-time, as a side income. Make it happen!

I have a question here about how to sell more cars legally. I talk a lot about that in the F1 AutoCashFormula – How To Buy And Sell Your Cars.

Like what I always say, there’s no law stating how many cars you can own. You’re a car enthusiast, like Jay Leno, who has so many cars and sells them every once in a while.

Question: Been hearing all the ways to make cash and be successful. Do I need a degree? I don’t want to go to college. [21:40]

I honestly think that the educational system nowadays put a lot of students in a huge amount of debt. They get out of college and not have enough job opportunities. Some do get jobs after college but just pays them $30,000 a year and not even for some. It’s ridiculous.

The new way to make money is by being innovative and implementing new things. You don’t have to go to college to be successful. There are so many rich people who are college dropouts.

For those who want the step-by-step guide on how to start flipping cars for profit, check out the F1 AutoCashFormula VIP Course. It’s a complete program with so many scenarios on how to do more with flipping cars.

Remember, I can’t tell you what’s legal and what’s not. I show you all of the strategies in how to make more money in this. It’s all up to you on how you take it and implement it.

Thank you everyone for joining me tonight. I’ll see you again next Tuesday at 9 pm Eastern. Go invite your friends who are interested to make money out of flipping cars for profit and let’s talk more about it. Please Like, Share and Subscribe to my videos.

Talk soon! Cheers!

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