HUNTING Car Deals off Craigslist – How To Buy And Sell Cars for Profit

Today’s topic is HUNTING Car Deals off Craigslist – How To Buy And Sell Cars for Profit.

I have a VIP who emailed me and wants me to go to Oakland County, Michigan and check out his Chevy Venture. I’m going to share my screen to you now. Let’s open up Craigslist Michigan. I like to go all cars and trucks on Craigslist because sometimes people make mistakes in posting.

It’s the 2002 Chevy Venture OBO $850. So the VIP got this for free. Wow! Let’s take a look at the ad. Selling ’02 Chevy Venture Mini Van. Great running car. Won’t go from A to B. Body is starting to look rough. Can be replaced. Window motor is broken on both sides. Very reliable car. Just need it out of the driveway. Will take best offer. Will not turn down anything. Text or call.

There are a couple of things that I would immediately change in your ad. It’s kind of confusing when you say that, “It’s great running, but it won’t go from A to B.” What does that mean?

You need to be a clearer with your ad. You may say, “It runs great. Needs a little TLC. You need to get it inspected and registered to get it on the road. The body’s a little rough but it’s a dependable van.”

Retail value is always higher than what you blow it out for. I would say something like, “Retail $2850. Asking only $850 OBO. Any reasonable offer will be considered. Text me or call me at this number.”

I would put a more concrete call to action at the bottom of this ad and clearer description on the car. People easily get confused on that.

“Great running van. Will take you from A to B no problem. Body looks a little rough but not a big deal. Needs window regulators which is only $100 each on Amazon.” Then, put Retail and how much you are asking.

You have a free van here. It doesn’t look bad from these pictures. I would have taken a nicer picture of the van, and not have the tires cut out on the photo like this.

It looks like the bottom is rusted out, but it’s not a big deal if someone’s just looking to get from A to B. It might be a good work van for somebody.

I would even put, “Perfect work van. It runs great. Doesn’t burn oil. Doesn’t leak.” The secret to creating great ads is to put all the benefits of the car and making the bad points to seem not too much of a big deal.

I think you can actually raise the price. I would go $950 OBO. Just take better pictures and create a nicer ad. Leave it up there for a week or two and see what happens. I really think you can at least get $600 to $700 for the car. Hope everybody got value on that ad critique.

I have my own pricing strategy which I call the PME. I talk about that in my F1 Playbook and in the F1 AutoCashFormula VIP Program.

You want to get it below trade-in value. Then, sell it below private party to blow it out. It depends on what kind of car.

Question: Explain high and low mileage.

Some people are obsessed with getting low mileage cars like me. But the exception is that if the car is driven in highways which is less stress on a car. It depends on where the car is driven.

On the other hand, some people believe that it’s not the mileage that’s important, but the condition of the car.

You have to be careful though when checking out deals in Craigslist, especially when the ads indicate Espanol,that they are not salvaged title cars. Most of the time they are salvage.

Let’s do another one. ’03 Honda Civic. Clean. Automatic. Little beat up. $1650 OBO with 233,000 miles.

That’s a lot of mileage. As you look further, the trunk is hit badly. For me, no thank you. If it had a damage like this but had low mileage, then it could be a potential deal.

Dealing with classics and convertibles is another market. That’s another way to make money. If you have a bigger stack, you can buy some of the Corvettes and resell them on eBay. Another thing about reselling on eBay is you don’t have to show your car. It’s another game when you’re dealing with collectors.

When you’re starting out and you just have $500 to start with, these beaters are what you’re going to get. But, if you make a thousand profit on your first flip, you’ll build up quickly and roll the money into your next deal.

I hope you guys liked today’s show. For those of you who haven’t gotten this, go check out the FREE Manual. Find those deals and keep flipping!

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