How To Buy And Sell Cars Yourself And Finally Say Goodbye To Your Boss

I was on my way to pick up dinner for the family and I was sitting in traffic without moving for 8 minutes. It made me feel thankful that I don’t have to drive back and forth to work every day like I used to do when I was a full-time delivery guy for Yamaha back in the days.

I’ve been getting a lot of the same questions.

That’s the most empowering thing about this. Being able to make money on your own and support your family without working for other people.

So a lot of you guys have still been asking me how to find deals for used cars when it seems like everyone’s flipping. Everywhere you search, on Craigslist (US), Kijiji, & Gumtree (UK)…everyone is just flipping.

Here are a couple of tips on how to buy and sell cars:

1.) Buy your cars from fellow flippers. I bought cars from car flippers at good deals. They are like us – buy and sell cars for profit but some of them are not very good at what they do. If you’re good enough and better than them, you could get a deal off of them and flip it and still make a profit. The cool thing about buying from flippers is that you can do off the record negotiations (don’t put the name on the title ,etc).

2.) Have a few phone numbers and disposable telephones if you really want to do this.

3.) Another cool place is eBay. If you want to get deal in the higher range, especially classics, eBay is an awesome place to look. I just got a ’60 Chevy Bel-Air. I got a pretty good deal on it, all it needs is body work. I made videos of bidding, buying the car, who I’m using as a shipping transporter and I will also show that to you.

4.) Search on the best time. Within my F1 Course, I will show you the best time to search. You can’t just go on anytime of the day because there is a specific time.

5.) Don’t get discouraged just because you see a lot of people in your market. Keep your eyes on the price, keep searching for the deals, and don’t give up.

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It’s Tony from

Have a great day and make things happen!




3 thoughts on “How To Buy And Sell Cars Yourself And Finally Say Goodbye To Your Boss”

  1. How you doing tony really like your videos. Thinking of getting your course here pretty soon
    Do you have any specials going on for your course? And how do you sell cars with out a delearship
    License? Hope to here from you tony. Thanks. Dan

    • Thanks Dan, you can sell the legal limit per year. I reveal strategies that you can use to 4x or more that number per year legally. I also show you how to go big and get a dealers license if you wish to go that route. Good luck and happy money making!!

  2. Damn bro did it really take u 46 days to respond to comments?? Lol sheesh! Anyhow, I’m up all night here looking thru vids & content. I’m going purchase this thing & put ur claims & system to the test. I’ve had a goddamn dealer’s license for 2 yes & haven’t done a thing w/ it bc I don’t want to get burned out of ignorance. So, u say ur system works. We’ll see if I can prove u right. -peace


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