WARNING: Tony Bandalos F1 AutoCash Formula 2.0 SCAM!

Today, we’ll talk about the F1 AutoCash Formula 2.0 SCAM!

I just wanted to make this video to warn everybody out there that there is a scam site, it’s called yourimc.com/product/tony-bandalos. These people stole my program, rehashed it, did something weird to it and they’re trying to sell it.

One of my customers actually sent me this page. He didn’t know it was a scam and got ripped off.

They’re comparing their price to mine on the website. The actual price of my course is $197, which is lowered down from the high price point. We never sell this program for less than $197, but it’s worth the value and we have testimonials from all around the world.

They’re charging only $37 and they don’t deliver anything when you purchase it from their site. I just bought it and there’s nothing on the other side of the page.

They’ll just take your money, so be extra careful.

My internet attorneys are already going after these people and we’re filing a lawsuit to take this site down.

Again, just be wary of this website yourimc.com/product/tony-bandalos. This domain yourimc.com is a total scam site.

They took the images and the content off my website and I believe they’re doing it to all of these other people as well.

If you’re going to buy the F1 AutoCashFormula 2.0 – How To Buy And Sell Your Cars Course, make sure it’s on my website, http://howtobuyandsellyourcars.com/.

Check out the video as I show you our actual order page. We’re selling the course at $197. You’re completely safe if you order from this page.

You’ll get the real VIP course and the real manuals. You get in my mailing list and you get your FREE Report.

You’ll get the complete 8-week F1 Auto Cash Formula video course plus the bonus audio book, which is absolutely free. You’ll get everything that we promise.

We have support ready for you, we have a chat box at the very bottom of our page and a support number where you can call us. Unlike this scam site with a Singapore address.

If you want to join our F1 AutoCashFormula 2.0 VIP Program, make sure you go to: http://howtobuyandsellyourcars.com/join-f1-now/. We take Paypal and credit cards.

It’s Tony, the creator of F1 AutoCashFormula 2.0 – How To Buy And Sell Your Cars. Maybe I’ll see you as a VIP member.

I will talk to you soon! Bye!


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6 thoughts on “WARNING: Tony Bandalos F1 AutoCash Formula 2.0 SCAM!”

  1. Hey, Tony, I am a VIP member and I have a problem, with a few things, mainly, finding cars to buy and sell. I have asked this question once but I guess I missed the answer. I don’t mean to sound wimpy but the lack of understanding. Almost all of the CL. ads in my area seem to be dominated by deallers, they flood the by owner section. 98% of the cars to buy are already at the private party good price, Example: BMW 323i trade in good $1,131 tops. Pvt. Party good is $1,886 But the car is already listed for $1900. How would I purchase this car to resell, or get aroud this issue?

    • I would just keep looking. The trick is to stay on top of the NEW posts. Do not pass the local newspapers as well. Also, word of mouth and a card can go a LONG way. Let people you know that you are in the market for a car… Good luck and keep me posted. You need to stay persistent.

  2. Wow, that explains why when I copied their link into my search bar your site came up–that was not normal. Second they are accepting PayPal, but you can’t submit using PayPal. Ok, that was enough to stop me. Now I was reading all this, not good!

    So, I’m interest and checking things out here now. Too many red flags on the other site and that was what stopped me. The warning here help solidify what was already going through me head.


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