Vehicle History Report Sites – The Canadian Alternative to

Let’s talk about Vehicle History Report Sites – the Canadian Alternative to

I just wanted to share this website with everybody in Canada looking for records on used cars, basically about the complete accident reports.

We’ve been using mostly Carfax in America but we couldn’t find a good one in Canada.  We came across from a VIP member and it’s a great site.

I haven’t used it because I’m in America but our Canadian students use it now.  They’re getting really good reports and like it a lot.

Check out the pricing.  It’s $36.45 for the basic and $51.45 for the lean search.  The lean search tells you if the owner owes money to any banks or finance houses.

Again, is Canada’s counterpart to in America.  This is very useful if you’re flipping cars for profit or if you’re simply buying a personal car and want a report on it.

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