Smart Craigslist Car Flip Deal? How To Make a QUICK $1,500 Profit!

Today’s topic is all about Smart Craigslist Car Flip Deal? How To Make a QUICK $1,500 Profit!

I found a 2014 smart car in Craigslist, which is a Mercedes Benz Barabus edition. It only has one owner and looks like it has great tires and the owner has all the manuals.

The owner’s reason for selling is that he’s moving and needs to sell it. He even said, “My loss, your gain. Selling to relocation.”

He’s only about 40 minutes away and it looks like a really good deal. I just texted the owner and will take a look at it on Friday.

He’s asking for $5200 and the Blue Book value private-party value in excellent condition is $6800, so we have a lot of room to play with this thing.

If we detailed it up and make it look really good. However, it does really look that it’s in good condition. We’re looking at roughly $7000. I’m sure he will take $4800, but I’ll start with $4500 cash.

I will probably make a minimum of $1000 with the quick flip or even $1500. I don’t think you need to do anything major with this.

When I first started buying and selling cars for profit, I used to think that I had to buy cars that needed a lot of work like tune up, painting the roof or do the suspension. Some deals don’t need to be a lot of work, just a quick detail and you can make money on it.

This may be quick flip.  I’ve always wanted one to personally drive around for a while and play around with before I flip it.

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I hope you enjoyed this quick video. This is how you can easily spot deals. Like I always say, money is made on the buy, not on the sell. If you get a good deal, you are bound to make money.

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