Is Curb-Stoning Illegal? How To Avoid The Trap and Flip Cars

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We are in a pretty much a capitalistic world. A lot of the big countries are free to buy and sell cars and do business. It is free enterprise, but in some other countries like North Korea, they don’t have the freedom to do what we can do in the modern world.

A lot of people want to make extra money and look for ways to do so and some of them flip cars for profit to do so. But, a lot of those who think that flipping cars for profit is a great idea, stop right away because of fear.

People don’t take action and procrastinate because they fear everything. Some want to flip cars but they come across these sites about curb-stoning and some read about flipping cars and that they can’t flip more than five or eight cars in a year.

All of that comes from a perspective. Your point of view. If you’re a car enthusiast, is it illegal for you to find a car that you like, buy it, fix it up, drive it around then decide that you want to get rid of it?

Is that illegal? If you take that idea, do you think that is illegal? No, it isn’t.

Look at all these car collectors in the world, they buy and sell cars all the time. It’s their business. Look at Jay Leno, he has over a hundred cars. He buys cars and sells some of them.

Is it illegal to collect cars? Is it illegal to collect Pokemon cards or baseball cards then swap and resell them?

The word curb-stoning is when say, someone comes in with a Toyota truck and wants to trade it in to get a brand new Toyota truck, he gets approached by a curbstoner offering more money for the truck.

The curbstoner goes, “Hey, the dealer will only offer you $3000 for the truck, I’ll give you $4000 for it, you can take the money and make extra $1000 for it and you can put that cash towards your new truck. Here’s my number, you can call me up and we’ll do the deal.”

That’s curb-stoning. The dealers make the deal and do their job with potential people on the sidewalk, on the curb. That’s how the origin of the word curb-stoning came from.

When you hear people talking about the legal limit in buying and selling cars, it’s because “they” don’t want you to do cash business because cash can’t be tracked.

Why do you think they’re trying to get rid of the $100 bill? Why do you think they trying to change everything to digital currency? To have more control.

If you’re getting started and you want to do it legally, you go out and search for a deal then buy the car. Then, they sign off the title to you. Then, you can flip the car and sell to someone else, and say, “Here’s the title and have it registered. Put an X mark where the signature for the new owner is and have them sign it. You didn’t sign it. Since their name is on it, they have to get it registered.

That’s how I recommend selling cars. I like to sell it to somebody who will get it registered and not to a flipper who will flip it to somebody else. Sometimes, they’ll do that to you as well. They’ll have you sign it and sometimes not. It’s a chance.

If you get a clear title, you can flip it as is if you want. Or if you can put your information in, get it registered and get the title transferred.

In some states like California and Hawaii, you get the title the same day. It will cost you $10 or maybe $15 to switch it to your name.

Some other states like Texas and New York, the title will take two to three weeks to get to you. If you’re doing it that way, you’re going to be sitting on the car a couple of weeks. So, if you have the money, it would be wise to have two cars for sale so you can rotate.

Then, if you have this going, you can basically use your friends and family to register your cars under them.

If you’re doing six or seven a year per name, you’re reporting everything and doing all the taxes, you’re still going to make a decent amount of money. Especially if you double up and use some friends and family and partner with them, like I show you in the F1 AutoCashFormula 2.0 Course.

You could do twenty cars a year easily. If you’re making a profit of $1500 and $2000 a car, you’re sitting on $30,000 to $40,000 extra per year by doing something that you have control of. This really is pretty easy to do and it’s really simple.

Disclaimer: Whatever I say is not a legal advice. What you do with my information is all on you. I’m not responsible for your actions.

We have F1 VIPs who go through the program and they sell 50 cars in a year and make $80,000 in profit. The information that I give you is sound, is legit and it works.

It all depends on what you do with the information I give you. I give you plan. Now, what are you going to do with it?

Are you going to sit around and complain because you can’t find a deal? Are you going to give up because you can’t find a deal for five days?

There has been times where I can’t find a deal for two weeks. An hour and a half a day in the morning and at night.

But, because I’m constantly on it, a deal pops up and then another deal. So you have two cars within a day. I’ve done that many times.

It’s all about consistency and persistence. Don’t give up. It’s a side gig. You’re not spending eight hours a day on this.

What I’m going to do in this live stream or the next live streams is we’re going to do finding deals trainings.

I’m going to upload some brand new ones in the F1 AutoCashFormuia 2.0 VIP Course, but I want to at least do one here to show everybody.

I get a lot of emails saying they can’t find a deal and they give me their Craigslist location. So, I get one and fifteen minutes later, I find a couple of deals. A lot of you just don’t know how to spot the deals. It’s the way you look at things.

How are you guys liking this so far? I hope you’re enjoying this. I’m probably going to send out the email notifications earlier instead of a half hour earlier. Maybe I could send them a day before or maybe just a couple of hours before the live show. What do you think?

Maybe I’ll do an hour early email so you have time to join. If you want to get the YouTube notifications, download the YouTube app on your phone, you get a little notification. Click on it and it will show you the live stream then, click on it. Pretty cool.

Don’t forget to join me every Wednesday around 9pm Eastern. The auto body show is every Thursday Eastern.

Question: North Carolina requires both persons to sign and be notarized. How do we get around this?

That can be a pain in the b***s! Can you do that at a separate time? Can the seller get it notarized and then the buyer takes the signed notarized title and get it notarized himself?

If you could do that, then it’s not much of an issue. If you can’t, then that’s a bummer!

Question: What age did you start flipping cars and how much money did you start with?

I started flipping 50-cc 1989 Honda Elite moped, got it for free and sold it for $400. I sold it to a guy who was probably in his thirties while I was fourteen, and I was asking for about $450 to $500 cash and he offered me $400 for it and I took it.

Maybe I sold it way too cheap. I could have probably sold it for at least $800, but I was a kid and I was just trying to make money. When you’re a kid and you’re offered $400, your eyes get big and you get all excited.

Then, I did more mopeds after that and started making around $1500 a month profit.  That was the time I literally separated from my parents and started buying my own clothes and all my stuff.

When I was 15 years old, I was basically financially on my own.

I was fifteen when I did my first car flip. My stepfather asked me to paint his car, advertise, sell it and we split the profit. He let me sell his 1989 Honda Accord. Again, I sold it really cheap because I didn’t know too much.

As I grew up, I started hanging around my dad’s body shop more as I grew up.

By the time I was around 17 years old, I was painting cars for body shops. They would prep the car and they would pay me to spray on the car.

I get paid about $150 per car and I do around five to eight cars a week. It would only take me around an hour to an hour and a half to spray a car.

At that point, I was still buying cars at auctions but I would go with my dad or my dad’s partner. They would bid for me. I was 21 years when I was able to get my own auctions pass.

Question: Are you done with the Harvard speaking engagement?

No, I didn’t speak at Harvard yet. That would be two more weeks. It’s going to be pretty cool.

Question: Where’s the scooter project in the VIP area?

Yes, I actually have to send it to my video guy, so he can complete the series. When I get back to Texas, I’ll be working on the BMW project which will also be pretty cool.

Feedback: Cool. Now I know it would be possible for me to start at my age. Thank you very much!

How old are you? You’re thirteen going on fourteen? That’s awesome! Of course you can!

I bought a Toyota RS. I’ve checked engine, but diagnosed it with no codes.

Pretty weird. Did you try disconnecting the battery cable? Disconnect your battery, go in the car and turn the lights on and turn the radio. Get the excess juice out of the system. Wait about 10 minutes and re-hook up your battery. That might help you reset the computer. It does that on certain makes and models. You may need to just reset the system as well.

I noticed the longer we do these shows, we’ve got more people coming on. Our live stream is 9pm Eastern every Wednesday.

Question: How hard is it to paint a BMW?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a BMW or a Honda or a jeep. It’s the same process. You should check out my other website, LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP program.

We have a complete course and takes you through the entire process on auto body. I just added two series within the program. It’s a real in-depth program.

Feedback: Sticking around long-term for the best info around. Guys, listen to this man. He’s got me started in the flip game and it’s great!

Awesome, man! I’m glad to see that you’re rocking! Earlier, we were talking about people embedded with fear and they don’t take action.

They want to flip cars but they think too much about a lot of things and they don’t do anything. Don’t believe too much about what you read and what you hear. Take action now!

There’s a lot of nonsense out there. Just be true to the game. If you have to make money, go make money.

Question: What are the new videos we added in the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint program?

We added the complete Mazda Miata project and the Motorcycle Restoration project. We also have the BMW series coming. The moped project will still be done by our videographer.

Question: What do you think about driving three hours one way to get a car? Too far?

You have to make sure it’s going to be worth your time. If the guy really wants to sell his car, tell him to meet you halfway, so you could cut down three hours to an hour and a half.

It’s all in negotiating. The guy wants to sell, so tell him you’re serious and meet you halfway. If it is what it says it is, you’ll make the deal and you’ll buy it.

I show you everything within the F1 AutoCashFormula 2.0 VIP Program. If you want to learn more about the flipping game, invest in learning about it.

In two months, I dropped $2,000 in my own education. You probably think I’m ridiculous but that’s $2,000 into my education and into my business.

I’ve done $13,000 one-day consults with industry experts. I have other businesses online and they’re doing great, so you need to invest in yourself and learn more.

Knowledge is power but it’s only power unless you put it into action.

Question: I’m trying to sell a car that has a problem. The car was repainted and they didn’t scuff the paint when they painted it, now it’s chipping. How do I fix that?

You’re going to have to scuff the paint. Sand it all down, feather it and repaint it. Are you going to do it yourself or are you going to have it done?

If you’re doing it yourself, be sure to invest in training to avoid all the trial and errors, wasted time and material. I suggest to join the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Course and get all the needed information and get that car done.

Question: What kind of other online business do you have? I’d like to invest in myself more.

I have another program that teaches how to make money off of YouTube. That’s my entire business model. You can make money off the ads on YouTube and YouTube is huge. There’s a lot of money that can be made.

I’m actually going to do a live training on that next week. It’s how you can build your own YouTube business like how I do here.

Flipping cars is awesome and I still do that. The more ways on you know how to make more money, the better. Did you know that an average millionaire has seven streams of income? The average middle-class American has one stream of income.

Another thing that I invested in was learning how to publish and create my first book. That cost me $10,000.

I have a publisher that’s working with me. We’re doing two interview calls a week. We’re getting the context of the book laid out. He has his transcribers and they’re going to transcribe everything we talk about. Once the rough draft of the book is done, I go through it and edit it. We’ll go back and forth a couple of times before we go ahead and publish it. This is going to be awesome.

My book is going to be around 100 to 150 pages, full of content. It will be on Amazon. It’s not going to be expensive, maybe around $10 to $15.

The book is my whole story, it’s basically how I use every opportunity as a stepping stone to get to the next level in life. That’s important.

A lot of people complain about their circumstances in life, instead of looking at the opportunities and how they use what they have and the resources that are available to them, to get to the next level.

I started out painting at my mother’s garage. It came to a point that my dad offered me to take over the body shop, but I didn’t want to take over the body shop.

I just wanted to do it for fun, as a hobby. I didn’t want to do it as a business. But, I wanted to teach people, I like teaching more than having my own body shop.

Question: Do you sometimes take your losses on a car?

Absolutely. Sometimes you have to take a loss on a car. When I first started out, I had a couple of times that I just had to break-even.

Sometimes you have to invest in a car just to break even. You can’t get rid of it if your car has so many issues with it, so you have to put more money into it and then break even or even at a loss sometimes.

If you guys are interested in online business and making more money online, I have a brand new channel so I don’t have a lot of views on it yet.

I have a complete system that teaches people how to live the online lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle and an income stream that adds to one of your seven streams of income.

I have a couple of websites that sells programs, physical products and spray guns. Robert Kiyosaki of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” said, “That if you want to get rich, you have to sell.”

Some say you are the sum of the five closest people that hang around. If you hang around people who never read books, who are always watching sitcoms and TV and gossiping, that’s where you’re going to be.

But, if you’re pushing yourself to go to events, to meet people smarter than you, to hang out with people more successful than you, that’s when you get the realization that there are so many opportunities and that it can be done.

Question: I’m going nuts. How do you try to stay away from beaters?

You need to download the F1 AutoCashFormula FREE Report. It will answer a lot of your questions on flipping cars. If you have other questions, just email us.

Question: Are you a car dealer?

Yeah. I’m a dealer, all right. I’m a dealer in inspiration. (LOL!)

Question: Any books that you recommend?

It depends on what topic because I’ve got books of all sorts of stuff. Watch the video as I show you an example of a book that caught my eye. It’s called, “Sell Your Book Like Wildfire” I like the cover.

I like books on biographies, I like marketing books. Right now I’m listening to a couple of audio books like Ryan Holiday’s “Ego Is The Enemy”.

I like reading and I mark stuff that are good in the books. But, if you don’t like reading that much, audio books are good too.

Here are a couple of audibles that I have on my Iphone: Theater of the Mind by Matt Furey, The Obstacle is the way by Ryan Holiday, Eagle is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday, Tony Robbins’ Money Master the Game.

I also love Jim Rohn’s Cultivating an Unshakeable Character and The Science of Personal Achievement by Napoleon Hill.

Question: Do you spend time reading books more for knowledge or entertainment?

All for knowledge. I don’t read any fiction books at all. Mostly stuff that I could put to use, stuff that I could learn from. Food for thought. I try to read twenty or thirty pages a day, but sometimes you skip a day or two. It’s quite difficult when you’ve got a lot of things to do.

Question: I know people who gamble and make good money.

Maybe you should. (LOL!) To me, gambling is a waste of money. If you can get good in cards, you can make a lot of money. The point is, you have to be good at what you do to make money.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m in Japan right now. I’ll be heading to Dallas to pick up a car that I bought here, which I will document. Then, will be in Texas for a couple of weeks.

I’m probably going to be moving to Japan part-time, for six months, but it’s not definite yet. But, it’s going to be cool.

Question: Is it necessary to polish cars, Tony?

Yes, if you want them to look good. It’s not necessary, but if you want them to look good, go ahead.

It’s Tony from F1 AutoCashFormula 2.0 – How To Buy And Sell Your Cars. Thank you guys for coming on. I hope you liked the interaction.

Check out the video as I show you my area, where I’m at. I’m at the heart of the city. It’s quite noisy sometimes.

Yeah, Japan is pretty high tech, but it’s a real rat race country, which is what we want to get out of. That’s what I want to show you. I lead the smart people out of the rat race by taking advantage of the internet and the technology.

Please Like, Share and Subscribe on YouTube, so you’ll get notifications when we do these live streams.

I’ll be doing a live training webinar of how I to build your own online empire. You’ll be shocked at how much I make from what I’m doing.

This is what allows me to travel the world and adds to my seven stream of income. I have my real estate in Japan and Texas and I have an apartment in Hawaii.

I buy and sell cars part-time and I also do have my online businesses. The more ways you know how to make money without working for somebody, the more freedom you get.

Feedback: Work smart not too hard and not too long, I guess.

Yeah, I think of it this way, “Work smart, work hard initially, so you can chill later.” There’s going to be a point where you also want to chill.

I’m working really hard now. There’s so much things to do and I even struggle with it. I have so much things on my list and can’t even figure out where to start sometimes. It’s crazy.

But then, you have to do the most important and most impactful thing first. What’s the biggest thing that will impact your bottom line and take you to the next level?

Question: Do you report all the money you make when you do taxes?

Don’t ask me. I’m not a professional. That’s not my gig. I have no comment on that. Talk to your CPA or talk to somebody.

Question: How do you low ball someone without looking like jerk?

You do it tastefully. If they’re asking $6,000 for a car, you’re not going to ask for $2,000 for it.

Question: What do you think about the other stuff that’s going on in Dallas like the Gas Monkey Garage or Fired Up Garage, or is that just fabricated?

I think all that is cool. These guys are in the industry for a long time. His dream was to get on TV. He built something big and worked at it for years and he got it.

It’s all working towards a goal and I’m happy for his success. I just saw a Gas Monkey Garage at the Dallas Airport.  Their little café, but I think it’s a little ridiculous that they’re selling these shirts at $30.

I said, “Really? Do you really have to bring up the profit that much?” I can get a designer shirt at just $10. I mean, sell it to people so they can support your brand. They’re already supporting your brand because they want to buy your shift, so make it a little affordable for people who supports your brand.

Feedback: Tony’s VIP is worth it!

Awesome! Thank you! Thanks for coming on again, guys! I really appreciate it. I will keep you posted in my email.

For those of you want to learn all about the nitty gritty of flipping cars for profit, check out the F1 AutoCashFormula 2.0 – How To Buy And Sell Your Cars VIP Program.

It is a complete program that will show you everything you need to know about the game. Remember, join me every Wednesday at 9pm Eastern time and the auto body live stream is every Thursday at the same time, 9pm Eastern.

I hope you like it. We got off topic for a bit here, talking about all sorts of stuff aside from cars, but I hope you learned a lot from it.

Talk soon! Cheers


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