How To Get Bluebook Value for South Africa Flippers!

I’ve spent the last week searching for a comparison for the U.S. Kelly Bluebook for some VIP members in South Africa.

Thanks to Andre, a subscriber, he has helped me find a good site that you can use and is 100% FREE to use!

Andre had found other websites that can assist for only R 110.00 ($16.00) once off. It can even give you a history of the car and the market related price. something like the U.S. carfax site.

But That Still Wasn’t FREE!

Other similar sites like M & M Book ( Meade & Mcgrout) something to that effect. Only car dealers are allowed to purchase this booklet.
The booklet costs approximately R 8000.00 ($ 1200.00) and I would have to register as a car dealers.

This would work if you had a friend in the business that gave you his old books each month, for most of you your NEW to buying and selling cars, how would you even have friends in the business right?

Besides, we want to look at what the “consumer market” is looking at when getting our “PME” ready, just as I show you how to calculate your profit margen using the U.S. Kelly Bluebook, you can now use this 100% free site to get the used cars values that you need so you can profit big!

Here is the site that I recommend that you use:

Thanks Andre for helping us find this. This will benefit all of you who are in South Africa that’s looking to get into the business of buying and selling cars for profits and making a FAT income this year using the F1-Formula!



P.S. here is the link you want to use:



7 thoughts on “How To Get Bluebook Value for South Africa Flippers!”

  1. How do I get a value if they don’t ask the car model.
    For example I put in Toyota Avanza 2013 with 190000km
    But how do they know if it’s Sx 1.5 or Tx 1.3 etc


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